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Is weather resistant steel plate is same as wear resistant steel?

No, both materials are different in terms of properties and cost. Wear resistant steel plates are more expensive and manufactured to resist mechanical wear and tear. On other side, weather resistant steel plates are produced to resist corrosion caused by exposure to the elements. Aesteiron Steels LLP supply both the materials and keep ready stock in Mumbai (India) warehouse. You can call now to check the available thickness and sizes.

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Weather resistant steel plate specification

Weather resistant steel plate specification

Weather resistant plate Chemical Composition

Weather resistant plate Chemical Composition

Weather resistant steel plate Mechanical Properties

Weather resistant steel plate Mechanical Properties
Weathering resistant steel plate and sheet
Weathering steel plates
Cold rolled weather resistant plate

What are weather resistant steels used for?

It is useful in several application which needs high weather stress some of it are given below:

  • Bridges
  • Chimneys
  • Facades
  • Fire places
  • Sea containers
  • Steel tanks
  • Any other steel structure used for exterior use

Does Weather resistant steel plate rust?

Weather resistant steel plate is low in price and highly effective material which is useful in structural applications which are reveal to the atmospheric elements.

The steel corrode with pollutants in the air creating a thick rust layer. This evolution react as a protective layer which stops the steel from rusting. The layer continuously renew and forms over time.

It is hence classified as a “self-protecting steel”. In normal use it does not need painting or other kind of external treatment.

Can you paint over weathering steel plates?

While due to its corrosion resistant properties weathering steel can be used unpainted in architectural and structural applications and it can even be painted if you desire to but the surface should be perfectly clean in order to achieve a good painted appearance.

What are the problems with corrosion-resistant plates?

Although weathering steel may seems to be ideal but there are few factor which should be considered prior to construction. Specific weather and climate environment can head to the issues with corrosive resistance and durability. You need to deal with rust and several pattern color which is more delicate and more trouble to deal with. Its rust treatment are also expensive.

How long does weathering steel last?

In ideal situation, corrosion-resistant steel plates can last for decades. Actually, properly fabricated weather resistant steel bridge can attain life up to 120 years within minimum maintenance.

How do you protect atmospheric corrosion-resistant steel plates?

When steel is reveal to air, moisture and other elements, standard steel has tendency to get rust and this layer of rust become absorbent and detaches from the surface. But with weathered steel, the process of rusting happens in the same manner but the steel generates a patina which serves a protection, corrosion resistance and produce rust run-off.

What is the advantage of Weathering steel plates?

High corrosion resistance: It contains a mixture of chromium, copper, manganese and nickel. The composition of weathering steel gives rusted surface a superior corrosion resistance and ability to handle harsh climate. Due to its ability to resist rust it can last for decades with less maintenance.

  • Rustic Looks: It is picked mostly for its appearance. Its antique and natural look goes well with different environment such as farmland, desserts and mountain regions.
  • Long life: It has a long life which can be anywhere from 40-60 years or longer due to its protective patina layer that forms.
  • Less expensive than painted bodies: Painted metal bodies can cost double or more compared to weathering steel bodies.

Is Weather resistant steel plate strong?

It has yield strength from 355 - 960 MPa which shows that it has good strength and as a result it is usually used for outdoor applications.

Is weathering steel plate sustainable?

Yes, it is sustainable and its duration of sustainability is more than 10 years. Its surface develops a stable rust like appearance with no maintenance. By allowing it to rust it forms a protective coating which slowdowns the corrosion. It has 8-fold higher corrosion resistance performance compared to ordinary steel and hence it can be used 8 times longer compared to common steel. Moreover it is 100% recyclable.

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