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Titanium sheet

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Aesteiron Steels LLP, is titanium alloy sheet manufacturers, it is been manufactured by using high quality raw material with advance technology.  We are also titanium plate suppliers and it is useful in various industrial applications. It is available in various grades, sizes and sspecifications. Titanium Plate is a high-strength, lightweight, low-corrosion structural metal and is used in a form of alloys for parts in high-speed aircraft. Titanium sheet can not be obtained by the common method of reducing the oxide with carbon because it is a very stable carbide is readily produced, and, moreover, it is quite reactive toward oxygen and nitrogen at elevated temperatures. AMS 4901 Titanium Sheet is important as an alloying agent with most metals and some nonmetals. It has much higher tensile strengths than Ti itself. It provides excellent corrosion-resistance in many environments due to the formation of a passive oxide surface film. Its combination of low density, high strength is quite light in comparison to other metals of similar thermal and mechanical properties, and its excellent corrosion-resistance makes it useful for many parts of spacecraft, aircraft, missiles,and ships. Commercially pure titanium plate preparation is difficult because of its reactivity. It is ductile, about less than twice as dense as aluminum and half as dense as iron; it can be polished to a high luster. It loses its strength if it is heated above 430 °C. CP titanium sheet has lower strength than other alloys, but it is convenient choice for applications which requires corrosion resistance, and it has better elevated temperature creep resistance, and is less expensive compared to other Ti alloys sheet . Titanium alloy thin sheet are lightweight and durable under harsh temperature and chemical conditions. It is used in applications that demand high performance and consistent quality. These applications include fabrication of electron beam equipment for food sterilization, vulcanizing, and other industrial uses.

Titanium Sheet Cost Per Kg In India

Titanium Sheet Price Per Kg in Mumbai

Type Description USA FOB Price Malaysia FOB Price Europe FOB Price Singapore FOB Price Saudi Arabia (KSA) FOB Price
    Unit Per mtr Unit Per mtr Unit Per mtr Unit Per mtr Unit Per mtr
Titanium Plate Size : 3mm x 400 x 2500 US $ 18 Malaysia Ringgit 73.26 Euro 15.12 Singapore Dollar 24.12 Saudi Riyal 67.50

Standard Specification Of AMS 4901 Titanium Sheet

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Material Pure Titanium plate and Ti alloy
Standard ASTM B265, ASME SB265, AMS 4900, AMS 4901, AMS 4902
Type Clad Plate, Rolling Plate, Flat Shim, Plain Sheet, Rolling Sheet Rolls, Foils, Coils, Plate, Strip, Sheet, Flats, Blank (Circle), ,Flat Sheet, Shim Sheet, soft annealed, descaled, sheared, annealed, Checker Plate, tread plate Supplier ad manufacturer
surface Hot rolled plate (HR), Cold rolled sheet (CR), No.1 finish hot rolled ASTM B265 Ti Plate, BA, No.3, No.4, No.6, No.1, No. 2D, No. 2B, BA NO(8), No.7, 2B, 2D, SATIN (Met with Plastic Coated), 2B, 1D, No.4, 8K, BA, hairline, brush, satin, mirror, Supplier ad manufacturer
Length 0-12mm or as required
Thickness 0.3 to 1200 mm or as required
Width 0-2500mm or as required
Process Hot/ Cold Rolled


Sizes: Sheet & Plate

.012 TO 4.00 X r/w X R/L

Sizes: Coil

.001 to .011 x R/W x R/L

6AL-4V, 6AL-4V ELI AMS-4911, 4907,4905, MIL-T-9046, ASTM-F136
DMS-1592, GM-3103,12TM-B265
6AL-2SN-4ZR-2MO AMS,4919, MIL-T-9046, DMS-2275, AMS-T-9046
GM-3104, B50TF21
6AL-6V-2SN AMS-4918, MIL-T-9046, DMS-1879, AMS-T-9046
5AL-2.55N, 5-2.5 ELI AMS-4909, 4910, MIL-T-9046, AMS-T-9046
BAL-IMO-1V AMS-4915, 4916, DMS-1784
CP-GRADES 1,2,3,4 AMS-4900, 4902
MIL-T-9046, AMS-T-9046, DMS-1536, ASTM-B265
15V-3CR-3SN-3AL AMS-4914

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List Of CP Titanium sheet Types

Titanium Plate
Titanium sheet
AMS 4901 Titanium Sheet
CP Titanium sheet
Titanium Alloy Coils
3mm Titanium sheet
Grade 1 Titanium Sheet
1/16 Ti Sheet
2.5mm TI Sheet
Titanium Sheet 3mm
3/16 Titanium Sheet
Titanium Sheet 4mm
4x8 Titanium Sheet
Titanium Sheet 6mm
Titanium 8mm Sheet
Nickel Titanium Sheet
Titanium Sheet Ams 4911
Ti Alloy Sheet

Titanium Plate Composition Chart

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Grade C N O H Ti Fe
Titanium Gr 1 .08 max .03 max .18 max .015 max bal .20 max
Titanium Gr 4 .08 max .05 max .40 max .015 max bal .50 max
Titanium Gr 7 .08 max .03 max .25 max .015 max bal .30 max
Titanium Gr 9 .08 max .03 max .15 max .015 max - .25 max
Titanium Gr 12 .08 max .03 max .25 max 0.15 max - .30 max

AMS 4901 Titanium Plate Mechanical Properties Chart

Grade Tensile strength, MPa (min) Yield strength, MPa (min) Elongation, % (min)
Gr1 240 170 24

Titanium Alloy Coils Equivalent Material

Specification Equivalent Spec Equivalent Grade
British Standard Rolls Royce USA France Germany General Engineering
TA11 MSRR8652 AMS4928 AIR 9183 TA6V 3.7164-2 6AL-4V
TA12 MSRR8614 AMS4935 6AL-4V
MIL-T-9047 6AL-4V
Titanium Sheet
Grade Specification
C.P.1, A70, 75A AMS-4901 / MIL-T 9046, TYPE 1 COMP. B / C.P.1, DMS 1536
C.P.3, A40, 55A AMS-4902 / MIL-T 9046, TYPE 1 COMP. A / C.P.3
6AL-4V ANN AMS-4911 / MIL-T 9046, TYPE 3 COMP.C / AB1, DMS 1592

Titanium Sheet Sizes

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Size (in inches)
Size (in mm)

CP Titanium sheet Weight Chart

Thickness in Inches Plate Weight per Unit Area in kg/m² Density in g/cm³
3/16 0.06000 lbs/in²42.184176 0.315 lbs/in³8.72
1/4 0.08 lbs/in²56.245568 0.315 lbs/in³8.72
3/8 0.121 lbs/in²85.0714216 0.315 lbs/in³8.72
1/2 0.161 lbs/in²113.1942056 0.315 lbs/in³8.72
5/8 0.196 lbs/in²137.8016416 0.315 lbs/in³8.72
3/4 0.235 lbs/in²165.221356 0.315 lbs/in³8.72
7/8 0.274 lbs/in²192.6410704 0.315 lbs/in³8.72
1 0.313 lbs/in²220.0607848 0.315 lbs/in³8.72
1 1/4 0.391 lbs/in²274.9002136 0.315 lbs/in³8.72
1 1/2 0.47 lbs/in²330.442712 0.315 lbs/in³8.72
1 3/4 0.549 lbs/in²385.9852104 0.315 lbs/in³8.72
2 0.627 lbs/in²440.8246392 0.315 lbs/in³8.72
2 1/4 0.705 lbs/in²495.664068 0.315 lbs/in³8.72
2 1/2 0.784 lbs/in²551.2065664 0.315 lbs/in³8.72
2 3/4 0.862 lbs/in²606.0459952 0.315 lbs/in³8.72
3 0.941 lbs/in²661.5884936 0.315 lbs/in³8.72

Titanium Sheet Thickness Tolerance

Thickness Grades
.016 CP1, A70, 75A, CP3, A40, 55A, 6AL-4V ANN
.020 CP1, A70, 75A, CP3, A40, 55A, 6AL-4V ANN
.025 CP1, A70, 75A, CP3, A40, 55A, 6AL-4V ANN
.032 CP1, A70, 75A, CP3, A40, 55A, 6AL-4V ANN
.040 CP1, A70, 75A, CP3, A40, 55A, 6AL-4V ANN
.050 CP1, A70, 75A, CP3, A40, 55A, 6AL-4V ANN
.063 CP1, A70, 75A, CP3, A40, 55A, 6AL-4V ANN
.071 CP1, A70, 75A, CP3, A40, 55A, 6AL-4V ANN
.080 CP1, A70, 75A, CP3, A40, 55A, 6AL-4V ANN
.090 CP1, A70, 75A, CP3, A40, 55A, 6AL-4V ANN
.100 CP1, A70, 75A, CP3, A40, 55A, 6AL-4V ANN
.125 CP1, A70, 75A, CP3, A40, 55A, 6AL-4V ANN

Nickel Titanium Sheet Melting point

Melting Point of Titanium Plate
1,668 °C

Titanium Sheet Gauge Thickness

  • Thickness greater than 0.15 mm and less than 6.35mm is called a Ti Sheet.
  • Thickness greater than 6.35 mm is called a Ti Plate.
  • Thickness less than 0.15mm is called a SB 265 Titanium Foil.

Density of Titanium Sheet Ams 4911

0.1630 lb/in³
4.512 g/cm³

Titanium Sheet Tariff Code

Titanium Sheet Hs Code

HS description
81089010 TITANIUM SHEET CP 0.025 36X96

Titanium Sheet Application

  • Fertilizer Plant
  • Chemical Industries
  • Pharmaceutical Plant
  • Paper Industries
  • Food & Dairy Plants
  • Aerospace
  • Thermal & Nuclear Power Plants
  • Oil & Gas Exploration
  • Desalination Plant

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Titanium Alloy Sheet Dammam -KSA, Belgium, Indonesia, Philippines
Ti Plate Price In India Canada, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore
1/16 Titanium Sheet Qatar, Europe, France, Thailand
Ti Sheet 4mm Thailand, Czechia, Germany, Malaysia
Titanium Plate 10mm Malaysia, Bangladesh, USA, Finland
Titanium 8mm Sheet Saudi Arabia (KSA), South Africa, Kuwait, Brazil
4x8 Ti Sheet Russia, Netherlands, Malaysia, Dubai
Ti Alloy Cold Rolled Plate Malaysia, United Kingdom -UK, Europe, UAE
2.5mm Ti Sheet Bahrain, Singapore, South Africa, Singapore
Titanium Sheet 6mm Malaysia, Sweden, Colombia, China
Titanium Plate 1mm Australia, Philippines, France, UK, Nigeria
Nickel Titanium Sheet Hong Kong, Oman, Malaysia, UAE
Grade 1 Titanium Sheet Iran, Chile, Italy, Singapore
Ti Plate Bitcoin Turkey, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Norway, Malaysia
Titanium Sheet 3mm Mexico, Egypt, Spain, UK
Ti Zinc Plate Poland, UK, Canada, Ellington -United States
3/16 Titanium Sheet Romania, Europe, Japan, Malaysia
Titanium Sheet Ams 4911 Los Alamos -Mexico, Malaysia, Taiwan, Philippines
0.25 Ti Plate Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, NY 12203 (USA)

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