Titanium Pipe

Titanium Pipe

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Titanium Pipe is a metal pipe made up of titanium alloy. There are commercially pure titanium materials that contain 99% pure titanium and there are others that include other elements to make up the alloy. The Pure Titanium Seamless Pipe is highly corrosion resistant and is stronger. It is used in applications where chemical reactions are expected. The material is costly and therefore only used in applications where the other metals could not be used. The commercially pure CP Titanium Welded Pipe is produced by hot rolling and welding. These are stronger than the other pipes. They can last longer and they allow welding with minimal effort. The strength and high temperature resistant of the material makes it be used as Titanium Exhaust Pipes under high temperatures. There are different grades of titanium alloys based on the addition of other materials.

There are about 40 different grades of titanium of which the grade 5 is the most used one. The Ti Alloy ERW Pipes are electric resistant welded and is stronger. The applications of Ti Alloy EFW Pipes include aerospace and aeronautic engineering, chemical plants, medical equipment and implants. The most used pipes are Ti Metal Hollow Pipe types. There are other forms and shapes in use as well. The round shape and the square shaped pipes are very common. The ASTM B861 Ti Metal Square Pipes are used in applications where the bending should not compromise the strength. Mostly, these are used with structural applications. The CP Ti Round Pipes are the most used and it is used in a host of applications. The extraordinary corrosion resistance and the lightweight nature of the material allow it to be used in precision accessories. Most uses are in the military sector because of the high cost but there are applications like the Pure Ti Exhaust Pipes which are not always found in the military.

Titanium Pipe

Titanium Pipe Price

  • Titanium seamless pipes
    FOB Price US $50 - US $80/ Kilogram

Titanium Pipe Specifications

Trade Name Unalloyed Commercially Pure (CP) Titanium
Grades and Specifications ASTM B 337 ASME SB 337 / ASTM B 338 ASME SB 338 / ASTM B861 / B862
Sizes and Schedules ½” to 24”NB in Sch 10s, 40s, 80s, 160s, XXS.
Most frequent types Seamless / ERW / Welded / Fabricated
Different Types and Forms Round, Hydraulic Etc
End Finishing Plain Both Ends, Bevel small end, Treaded Both Ends, Bevel one end, Beveled end, Bevel large end, Beveled One End, Treaded One End, Plain One End, Bevel both ends,

Titanium pipes relevant grades

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ASTM B338 Titanium Pipes
FOB Price US $10.50 - US $12.50 / Kilograms
Titanium round pipes
FOB Price US $100 - US $1,000/ Kilogram
Smooth Surface Micro and Durable Titanium Pipes
FOB Price US $0.0445 - US $0.89 / Piece
Titanium square pipes
FOB Price US $50 - US $80/ Kilogram
Pure Titanium Pipes
FOB Price US $20 - US $60/ Kilogram
Astm B337 3.5 Inch Titanium Exhaust Pipes
FOB Price US $20 - US $60/ Kilogram
Titanium Exhaust Pipes
FOB Price US $18 - US $30/ Kilogram
thin wall titanium Pipes
FOB Price US $32 - US $56/ Kilogram
ASTM B338 Titanium seamless pipes
FOB Price US $2 - US $23/ Piece
High Purity Titanium Seamless pipes
FOB Price US $12,255 - US $13,333/ Ton

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