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Super Duplex

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Super Duplex Stainless Steel grades at a glance with ASTM specification and equivalent chart

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Super Duplex equivalent

Duplex 2707 HD S32707 - - - - -
Duplex 2507 S32750 X 2 CrNiMoN 25 7 4 2328 1.4410 - -

Super Duplex Grades

2507 Super Duplex Alloy UNS S32760/ S32750/ S32550/ S39274
Super Duplex 4501 -
UR52N+ UNS S32550
Zeron 100 UNS S32760
Ferralium 255 UNS S32550

Super Duplex ASTM Grades

Grade Bar Plate, sheet and strip Seamless / welded tube and pipe Flanges Pipe Fittings Forgings
Duplex 2707 HD - - ASTM A789/ A790, SA790 - - -
Duplex 2507 ASTM A479, SA479
EN 10088-3
ASTM A240 SA240
EN 10088-2
ASTM A789; A790, SA790 ASTM A182, SA182 ASTM A182, SA182
ASTM A815/ SA815
ASTM A182/ SA182
Duplex 2304 EN 10088-3 ASTM A240, SA240
EN 10088-2
ASTM A789; A790, SA790
EN 10216-5
- - EN 10088-3*

Super Duplex specification

Grade UNS Duplex Industry Specifications
2507 Duplex Steel UNS S32750 ASTM A182 F53, A240/ SA240, A276 / SA276, A479, A789, A790, A815, A928, A988
SAE J405
UNS S32760 ASTM A182 F55, A240 / SA240, A276/ SA276, A314, A473, A479, A789, A790, A815, A928, A988
SAE J405
International identifiers SUS 329J3L, S31803, SS2377, ASTM A182 F51, STS329J3 LTP, AISI 318 LN, Z3CND22-05Az

Super Duplex Applications

  • Solar Power
  • Storage tanks
  • Building and construction
  • Water Desalination
  • LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas)
  • Biofuels plants
  • Water transmission pipes
  • Pressure vessels, reactor tanks and heat exchangers
  • Desalination and seawater systems
  • Rotors, impellers and shafts in industrial equipment
  • Pulp and paper plants
  • Phosphoric acid production system
  • Absorber towers, FGD systems for air pollution control
  • Food, oil and gas, mining and architectural applications

Super Duplex Composition

Cr Ni Mo N S Cu C Mn Si P Fe
24.0-26.0 6.0-8.0 3.0-5.0 .24-.32 0.020 Max 0.50 Max 0.030 Max 1.20 Max 0.80 Max 0.035 Max Balance

Super Duplex Steel properties

.2% Yield Strength, ksi Minimum Ultimate Tensile Strength, ksi Minimum % Elongation Min.
80 116 15 310

Super Duplex stainless steel temperature limits

UNS N° Grade EN N° Hot FormingTemperature Range Minimum Soaking Temperature
S32304 1.4362 1150-950 Deg C 980 Deg C
S32205 1.4462 1230 -950 Deg C 1040 Deg C
S32750 1.4410 1235-1025 Deg C 1050 Deg C
S32520 1.4507 1230-1000 Deg C 1080 Deg C
S32760 1.4501 1230-1000 Deg C 1100 Deg C

Benefits & features of Super Duplex Steel

  • High weldability
  • Very high resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion
  • High resistance to general corrosion in acids
  • Excellent resistance to erosion corrosion
  • Excellent resistance to corrosion fatigue
  • Good mechanical strength
  • Excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking (SCC) in chloride bearing environments

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