AH36 High Strength Shipbuilding Steel Plate manufacturer in India

AH36 High Strength Shipbuilding Steel Plate

Supplier of Heavy plates made of shipbuilding steels in Mumbai

Finding DH36/ EH36 shipbuilding plates suppliers in India? Exporter and distributor of Shipbuilding sheet in Grades: A, B, D, E, AH32/36/40, EH32/36/40, and DH32/36/40

shipbuilding plates is a hot rolled steel plate which is used for manufacturing hull structure. It is classified as general strength and high strength hull structural steel, according to minimum yield strength.
shipbuilding steel plate is a carbon and alloy steel which is compatible with high strength, high heat input soldering and low temperature.

shipbuilding steel plate manufacturer manufactures according to the shipbuidingstandards of different countries. It is produced under the approval of BureauVeritas, Det Norske Veritas, Hellenic Register of Shipping, Korean Register of Shipping, Nippon KaijiKyokai, RegistroItalianoNavale, China Classification Society, American Bureau of Shipping, Lloyd's Register of Shipping, India Register of Shipping and Germanischer Lloyd for production methods of classification societies in different countries refers to marine and offshore steels.

steel plates used in shipbuilding are hot-rolled steel which is used for the manufacture of ship structures which is produced with the requirements of the construction society. It requires large quantities of structural steel plate to build to ship hull. shipbuilding sheet has been divided into two series i.e high strength and corrosion resistant steels for modern shipbuilding, which can be helpful to reduce the ship weight as well as the cost of maintenance.

aluminium plates for shipbuilding industry are used for rafts, motorboats, large to 10,000 tons of wheels, from high-speed hovercraft to deep-water submarines, from civilian to military, from fishing boats to marine mining vessels. By using aluminum plate in shipbuilding not only obtains huge social benefits, but also saves resources and energy, protects the environment, and brings considerable economic benefits. The most suitable marine grade aluminium alloys for use on ships are aluminium 5000 series and 6000 series alloys, which provides the properties such as good corrosion resistance, weldability, plasticity and certain resistance strength, impact resistance, yield strength, and elongation.

hot rolled shipbuilding steel plate offers excellent weldability for ease of processing. It is available in grades such as A, B, D, E, A32, D32, E32, A36, D36 and E36 etc.

shipbuilding Heavy plates are demanded for heavy thickness and good combination of high strength, toughness and weldability. Because of this, extra high-strength termomechanically processed steels it have been developed to be more user friendly compared to traditional steels.

shipbuilding steel plate lr grade a
is a hot rolled general tensile strength steel. It has yield strength of 34,100 psi (235 MPa), and ultimate tensile strength of 58,000 - 75,500 psi (400-520 MPa). It is exclusively used in shipbuilding industry for the construction of structural parts of ships, barges and marine equipment. It can also be used for ship repairing, offshore oil drilling platform, platform pipe joints and other components

Shipbuilding MS Plate Price

Type Description USA FOB Price Malaysia FOB Price Europe FOB Price Singapore FOB Price Saudi Arabia (KSA) FOB Price
    Unit Per mtr Unit Per mtr Unit Per mtr Unit Per mtr Unit Per mtr
shipbuilding steel plate Size : 20mm x 1500 x 6000 US $ 0.9 Malaysia Ringgit 3.66 Euro 0.76 Singapore Dollar 1.21 Saudi Riyal 3.38

Shipbuilding Sheet Specification Chart

Bureau of shipping: CCS、ABS、GL、LR、 DNV 、BV、RINA、NK、KR

Thickness: 3.0-80mm

Width: 1500-4800mm

Length: 6-12 meters

Pack:bundled by steel strip

Common Types Of AH36 High Strength Shipbuilding Steel Plate

Shipbuilding Plates
Shipbuilding Steel Plate
Aluminium Plates For Shipbuilding
Shipbuilding Sheet
Hot Rolled Shipbuilding Steel Plate
Shipbuilding Heavy Plates

Shipbuilding Steel Plate Standards

  • GL (Germanischer Lloyd)
  • HR (Hellenic Register of Shipping)
  • DNV (Det Norske Veritas)
  • ABS (American Bureau of Shipping)
  • KR (Korean Register of Shipping)
  • LR ​(Lloyd's Register of Shipping)
  • CCS (China Classification Society)
  • NK (Nippon Kaiji Kyokai)
  • RS (India Register of Shipping)
  • RINA (Registro Italiano Navale)
  • BV (Bureau Veritas)

Hot Rolled Shipbuilding Steel Plate Dimensions Standards

Thickness Range: 5 mm -150 mm
Width Range: 1500 mm - 3900 mm
Length Range: 6 m, 12 m, coils

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Shipbuilding Steel Plate Mechanical Properties Analysis


AH36 High Strength Shipbuilding Steel Plate manufacturers in India

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