ASME SA 240 Grade 304L Stainless Steel Sheet

ASME SA 240 Grade 304L Stainless Steel Sheet

Stainless Steel 304L Plate supplier, Get TP 304L Sheets in sizes 1X2 / 4X8 / 8X10 and Surface Finish Coating 2B, BA, 8K, Mirror and No.4

Call for SA 240 Type 304L Material Price List from India's 2nd Largest Stockist of Jindal 304L Stainless Steel Sheet with value added services like Hairline, Etching, Embossed and PVD coating

ASME SA Grade 304L Sheets and Plates are used to make chemical containers, sea water or salt water conditions. 304L Stainless steel is widely used in nuclear power plants. UNS S30403 material or W. Nr. 1.4307 alloy comes in the category of Austenitic Stainless Steel which provides good strength on high temperature as well corrosion resistance to sulphuric acid. 304L Stainless Plate is an ideal and economical steel plate to make chemical storage containers and milk tankers. Aesteiron Steels is a very well recognised and popular supplier of 304L stainless Steel in most of the food and dairy industries in India, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Qatar and few countries in Europe and west Africa. SS 304 plates perform as non-magnetic material in annealed conditions and suitable alloy to make nut- bolts for pumps and motors. Aesteiron steels lift the ASTM a240 tp 304L plates and coils in bulk quantity from the top rolling mills in India, South Korea and Japan. So we can offer dealer prices on AISI 304L Coils and 304L Strips. If you are looking for Jindal make 304L stainless steel coil (Hot roller or cold worked) Aesteiron steels can give 2-3% lesser price than dealers and distributors of Jindal stainless in Mumbai offer to the customers. We only supply genuine material with MTR and proof of origin. Type 304L is also used in domestic applications specially in houses close to sea so it helps to resist corrosion in moisture and salty climate. Aesteiron Steels is known as a one of the largest stockist and supplier of Stainless steel Sheets and Plates we stock over 800 ton stock in grades like 304/ 304L/ 316/ 316L/ 310/ 321/ 317L and 904L.

If you are looking for a cut to size in SS 304L coil, we can offer you exact size without paying additional cost of an Inch. You can also ask for a free sample of AISI 314L foil and UNS S30403 Shim. in additional services we arrange all types of surface finishes like 2A, 2D, 2B, BA, NO.1, NO.4, NO.8 Finish, 8K, mirror finish, Brush and Satin Finish. A few finishes like 2A, 2B, BA, Mirror and No.1 Finish facilities are available in house at our Taloja factory. In our stock you can find 304L stainless sheets in many types like Rolls, Shim Sheet, Perforated Sheets, Chequered Plates, Strips, Flats, Blank, Circles and Rings in more common sizes like 1X2, 4x8 and 4x10. Before buying ASTM a240 type 304L material from India please refer to accurate details about Equivalent Grades of ASME SA240 Grade 304. The Equivalent Grades are 1) Werkstoff number: 1.4301 2) UNS No : S30400 3) BS : 304S31 4) EN : X5CrNi18-10 5) AFNOR: Z7CN18‐09 6) JIS : SUS 304. You can call us for more equivalent grades of 304L stainless steel plates. Aesteiron Steels supplies 304L plates and sheets as per American standards, European Standards, British standards, Russian, French and Japanese standards. We also stock and supply as per Aerospace material specifications. Stocking range is in SS 304L Strip is in Thickness: 0.2 mm to 120 mm. Length: 2000mm to 6000mm Width: 1000mm to 3500 mm with coatings and services like hair line, sand blasting, etching, embossing. Check our price List or price per KG in India before buying Grade 304L Plates or Coils. We can provide Hot rolled and cold rolled sheets at dealer price. mail to for more information on weight chart, Specifications, Mechanical properties, Chemical compositions and sample MTR ( Mill test Report).

Stainless Steel 304l Sheet Specification

Best price of UNS S30403 2d stainless steel cold rolled coil and AISI 304L Strips Ex Mumbai

Product Type SA240 304L Sheet, SA240 304L Plate
Specification ASTM A240 / ASME SA240
Tolerances (width / thickness)
  • EN 10258/ DIN 59381)
  • EN 10151 ASME SA 240 304L Strips
  • EN 10088 SA 240 Gr 304L strips
International Standard
  • ASTM A 480
  • ASTM A 959
  • EN ISO 9445
  • EN ISO 18286
  • EN 10051
  • EN 10088-1
  • ISO 15510
Size Range
  • Cold rolled ASME SA 240 Grade 304L Stainless Steel Sheet 0.5-6.4 mm
  • Hot rolled ASME SA 240 Grade 304L Stainless Steel Sheet 3.0–10.0 mm
Thickness 0.1 to 100 mm Thk
Width 10-2500mm
Length 2m, 2.44m, 3m, or as required
Finish 2B, 2D, BA NO (8), Cold rolled sheet (CR), Hot rolled plate (HR), SATIN (Met with Plastic Coated), No.1 finish hot rolled, 1D, 2B, No.4, BA, 8K, satin, hairline, brush, mirror etc.
Hardness Soft, Hard, Half Hard, Quarter Hard, Spring Hard
Form Plate, Sheet, Coils, Foils, Strip, Flats, Clad Plate, Plain Sheet, Rolling Sheet, Rolling Plate, Flat Shim, Flat Sheet, Shim Sheet, Rolls, Blank (Circle), sheared, annealed, soft annealed, descaled, tread plate, Checker Plate

SA-240 304l Material

Cut to Size available in AISI 304L Sheets, WNR 1.4307 material, SS 304L Shims, AISI 304L Foil and 304L Stainless Circles
304L Stainless Steel Sheet
304L Stainless Steel Plate
304L Stainless Steel Coil
Stainless Steel Circle 304L

SA 240 304l Mechanical Properties

Standard As per ASTM A240/ ASME SA 240
Yield Strength, MPa psi -0.2% Offset 25,000
Ultimate Tensile Strength, MPa psi 70,000
% elongation in 2 in. or 51 mm 40.0
Maximum Hardness, Brinell (RB) 201

ASME SA 240 304l Equivalent

SS UNS No British Standard (Old) European Standard Swedish SS Japanese JIS
BS En No Name
304L S30403 304S11 - 1.4306 X2CrNi19-11 2352 SUS 304L

SA 240 Gr 304l Composition

Element % by Weight
Carbon 0.030
Manganese 2.00
Phosphorus 0.045
Sulfur 0.030
Silicon 0.75
Chromium 18.00
Nickel 8.0
Nitrogen 0.10

304L Stainless Steel Sheet Thickness & Weight

Thickness Thickness Size Chart SS 304L Sheet Unit weight SS 304L Sheet Approx Weight
inches mm   lbs/ft² kg/m² lbs kg
0.015 0.381 36 x 96 0.630 3.07566 15.12 6.84936
0.015 0.381 36 x 120 0.630 3.07566 18.90 8.5617
0.0178 0.45212 36 x 96 0.756 3.690792 18.15 8.22195
0.0178 0.45212 36 x 120 0.756 3.690792 22.68 10.27404
0.0178 0.45212 48 x 96 0.756 3.690792 24.19 10.95807
0.0178 0.45212 48 x 120 0.756 3.690792 30.24 13.69872
0.0235 0.5969 30 x 96 1.008 4.921056 20.16 9.13248
0.0235 0.5969 30 x 120 1.008 4.921056 25.20 11.4156
0.0235 0.5969 36 x 96 1.008 4.921056 24.19 10.95807
0.0235 0.5969 36 x 120 1.008 4.921056 30.24 13.69872
0.0235 0.5969 36 x 144 1.008 4.921056 36.29 16.43937
0.0235 0.5969 48 x 96 1.008 4.921056 32.26 14.61378
0.0235 0.5969 48 x 120 1.008 4.921056 40.32 18.26496
0.0235 0.5969 48 x 144 1.008 4.921056 48.39 21.92067
0.0291 0.73914 30 x 96 1.260 6.15132 25.20 11.4156
0.0291 0.73914 30 x 120 1.260 6.15132 31.50 14.2695
0.0291 0.73914 36 x 96 1.260 6.15132 30.24 13.69872
0.0291 0.73914 36 x 120 1.260 6.15132 37.80 17.1234
0.0291 0.73914 36 x 144 1.260 6.15132 45.37 20.55261
0.0291 0.73914 48 x 96 1.260 6.15132 40.32 18.26496
0.0291 0.73914 48 x 120 1.260 6.15132 50.41 22.83573
0.0291 0.73914 48 x 144 1.260 6.15132 60.49 27.40197
0.0355 0.9017 30 x 96 1.512 7.381584 30.24 13.69872
0.0355 0.9017 30 x 120 1.512 7.381584 37.80 17.1234
0.0355 0.9017 36 x 96 1.512 7.381584 36.29 16.43937

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SA 240 Tp 304L SS Custom Cut Plate SA240 304L Strips
ASTM A240 TP304L Checkered Plate ASME SA 240 304L Polished Plate
SA 240 Type 304L Embossed Plate SA 240 Gr 304L Foil
ASTM A240 304L SS Flat Sheet SA240 304L Plate
SA 240 Grade 304L SUS 304L Quarto Plate ASME SA 240 304L Sheet
SA240 304L Expanded Sheet SA 240 Gr 304L Plates
ASME SA 240 304L Foil Rolls Stainless Steel 304L Sheets
SA 240 Gr 304L Bbq Plate SA -240-304L Stainless Steel Coil
Stainless Steel 304L Floor Sheet ASTM A240 304L Stainless Steel Clad Plate
SA -240-304L Stainless Steel Precision Strip SA240 Gr304L Shim Sheet
ASTM A240 304L Stainless Steel Diamond Plate ASTM A240 Stainless Steel 304L Hot Rolled Plate
SA240 Gr304L Patterned Sheet SA 240 Tp 304L SS Cold Rolled Plate
ASTM A240 Stainless Steel 304L Shims ASTM A240 TP304L Chequered Plate
DIN 1.4306 SS 304L Shim Stock SA 240 AISI 304L Perforated Sheet
ASTM A240 Type 304L Hairline Sheet ASTM A240 304L SS Chequered Plate
SA 240 AISI 304L Design Sheet SA 240 Grade 304L SUS 304L Slitting Coils
SA 240 Grade 304L SUS 304L Plasma Cutting Plate SA 240 AISI 304L 10mm Plate
DIN 1.4306 SS 304L 1/4 Inch Plate Stainless Steel 304L Shim Sheets
Stainless Steel 304L Corrugated Sheet SA -240-304L Stainless Steel 2b Finish Sheet
SA -240-304L Stainless Steel Checker Plate ASTM A240 304L Stainless Steel Sheet No 4 Finish
ASTM A240 304L Stainless Steel Rolls Sheet SA240 Gr304L Sheet Mirror Finish
SA 240 Tp 304L SS Etching Sheet ASTM A240 TP304L Plate 2b Finish
ASTM A240 TP304L Rolling Plate SA 240 Type 304L Plate Mill Finish
SA 240 Type 304L Perforated Plate DIN 1.4306 SS 304L Plate Mirror Finish
ASTM A240 304L SS Laser Cut Plate ASTM A240 Type 304L Plate Brushed Finish
SA240 304L Thin Plate SA 240 Type 304L Flat Strip
ASME SA 240 304L Tisco Plate DIN 1.4306 SS 304L Hot Rolled Sheet
SA240 Gr304L Chequer Plate ASTM A240 Stainless Steel 304L Sheet Brushed Finish
ASTM A240 Stainless Steel 304L B. Q. Profile SA 240 Tp 304L SS Sheet Hairline Finish
SA 240 Gr 304L Tread Plate ASTM A240 Type 304L Cold Rolled Sheet

304L Stainless Steel Sheet Price Per Kg

FOB Price: US $ 817/ pc
ASTM A 240 GR.TP 304L plate price per kg
FOB Price: US $ 2/kg
Round role ss 304L perforated stainless steel sheet
FOB Price: US $2,160.00/ Ton
AISI 304L stainless steel sheet and plate
FOB Price: US $2,000.00/ Ton
6mm thick NO.1 AISI 321 304L stainless steel sheet
FOB Price: US $799.00 - US $1,799.00/ Ton
AISI 304L 2b stainless steel ss sheet
FOB Price: US $1,000.00 - US $2,500.00/ Ton
Food Grade Austenitic AISI 304L 1.4301 stainless steel sheet
FOB Price: US $30.00 - US $80.00/ Piece
304L Corrugated Baking Stainless Steel Sheet
FOB Price: US $25.00 - US $110.00/ Piece
304L brush stainless steel sheet and plates
FOB Price: US $1,000.00/ Metric Ton
2B BA 2D NO.1 HL Mirror Finish sa240 304L stainless steel coil
FOB Price: US $1,200.00 - US $3,500.00/ Ton
ASME SA240 304L stainless steel plate
FOB Price: US $2,000.00 - US $2,500.00/ Ton
Cold Rolled 1mm 2b ASME SA240 304L stainless coil
FOB Price: US $1,476.00 - US $2,400.00/ Ton

ASME SA240 304L Sheet and Plate

Get complete information about 304L stainless steel plate thickness chart in mm, AISI 304L sheet sizes, specification, weight and chemical composition

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