S960ql steel plate

S960ql steel plate

S960mc material and ASTM A514 grade b structural plates supplier in India

S960QL high strength structural steel plate
EN 10025-6 S960QL steel plates
SSAB S960QL structural steel plate

what is S960ql steel plate?

S960ql is water quenched and tempered steel which follow the specification of EN10025:6:2004. It is high strength structural steel which is available in quenched and tempered condition which provide the steel abrasion resistance and excellent strength.

what is EN 10025-6 S960QL steel plates application?

It is extensively used in lifting and mining industry, heavy transport and where there is a huge cargo and risk of material failure through excessive abrasion is ordinary.

Chemical properties of S960QL plate



Carbon 0.20 max
Silicon 0.50 max
Manganese 1.60 max
Phosphorus 0.020 max
Sulfur 0.010 max
Boron 0.005 max
Chromium 0.80 max
Copper 0.30 max
Molybdenum 0.70 max
Nickel 2.00 max

Mechanical properties of S960QL plates

Thickness in (mm) 0.2% Yield Strength (Mpa, min) Tensile Strength (MPa) Elongation A5, (min %)
4.0 - 53.0 960 980 - 1150 12
53.1 - 120.0 850 900 - 1100 10

S960QL equivalent

EU, EN France, AFNOR Germany, DIN,WNr
S960QL E960T TStE960V

What is s890ql full form?

Refer to the technical details below.

S is for structural steel
960 is for minimum yield strength (MPa)
Q is for Quenching & Tempering
L is for low gain toughness testing temperature

What is the yield strength of ASTM A514 grade b structural plates?

The minimum yield strength of S960QL is 850-960 MPa depending upon the thickness.

What is the properties of S960 QL steel plate?

  • Extraordinary consistency within a plate assured by close tolerance
  • High toughness impact which offers good rupture resistance
  • Superior flexibility and surface quality
  • Excellent weldability with strength and toughness

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