S690QL steel plate

S690QL steel plate

EN 10025-6 S690ql high yield steel plate and Weldox 700 structural steel plate supplier in India

What is S690QL steel plate

s690ql material is low alloy structural steel which has high strength, good weldability and bending features. It is frequently used by manufacturer to decrease structural weight.

What is the yield strength of S690QL plate?

The yield strength of S690QL is 690MPa(min).

EN 10025-6 S690ql high yield steel plate
Weldox 700 structural steel plate
ASTM A709-100QL structural plates

Is Weldox 700 high yield steel plate weldability?

S690QL plate is appropriate for all welding methods. The temperature of material must be minimum room temperature.

  • Recommended preheating temperature is given below as follows:
  • Thickness of plate : greater than 20 mm upto 75°C, greater than 40 mm up to 100°C, greater than 60 mm up to 150°C and greater than 100 mm up to 175°C.
  • Average temperature must be in the range of 150°C - 225°C.

Specification of S690QL steel plate

Mechanical composition of S690ql steel plate

S690ql high yield steel plate Chemical composition

Chemical composition of s690ql plate

Mechanical properties of S690ql steel plate

S690QL steel plate specification

S690ql plate Equivalent grade

  • EN10137-2 EN10025-6:2004
  • A709-100
  • DILLIMAX 690
  • NAXTRA 70

What is EN 10025 S690QL sheet used for?

S690 plate can be used for the following applications
Agricultural equipment and trailers.
Crane construction: moving cranes booms
Heavy road vehicle: chassis, dumper frame
Materials handling: lifting and moving equipment
Mining and earthmoving equipment: roof support
Power plant: penstocks, spiral cases
Pressure vessels: Transportable and fastened storage tank & vessel
Structural steel works: Bridge components & offshore structures components

What is the hardness of ASTM A709-100QL structural plates?

The S690QL material brinell hardness value is of 414HBW.

What is the full form of EN 10025 S690QL sheet?

The full form of S690QL are as follows:

  • S - is for Structural Steel
  • 690 - is for minimum yield strength (MPa)
  • Q - is for Quenching & Tempering and
  • L - is for low attain toughness testing temperature

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