S355 steel plate

S355 steel plate supplier in India

BS en 10025 S355 sheet supplier in India

S355 plate
S355 steel sheet
BS EN 10025 S355 material

How thick is a S355 standard plate?

The thickness of S235 Mild Steel Checker Plate is between the ranges of 4 - 150 mm.

Is S355 hot rolled or cold rolled?

S355 is hot rolled structural material which is broadly use for manufacturing hot rolled universal beam, column and more long length items.

S355 steel plate specification

s355 plate mechanical properties

EN 10025 S355 sheet chemical composition

en 10025 s355 sheet chemical composition

S355 plate mechanical properties

s355 steel plate specification

BS EN 10025 S355 material in stock

S355 plate
S355 steel sheet
BS EN 10025 S355 material
S355 Mild Steel Plate
Hot rolled S235 Steel Sheet
S235 Mild Steel Checker Plate

What is the property of S355 material?

S355 plate has assured minimum mechanical properties and adequate ductility. It offer good weldability with all standard welding methods. Addition to its excellent mechanical properties it has adequate value of toughness mainly with addition of Nitrogen or Molybdenum.

What is equivalent to S355 steel plate?

  • S355 EN 10025:1990 Equivalent
  • S355J2 - S355J2G4 (1.0577)
  • S355K2 - S355K2G4 (1.0596)
  • S355J0 - St 52-3 U (1.0553)
  • S355J2G3 - St 52-3 N
  • S355 - A572 Grade 50
  • S355JR - 50 B (1.0045)
  • S355J0 - 50 C (1.0553)
  • S355J2G3 - 50 D

What is Hot rolled S235 Steel Sheet used for?

S355 steel is commonly used for the following industries

  • Agricultural building
  • Bridges
  • Factories
  • Offices and commercial building
  • Railway track
  • Road barrier
  • Sports stadium

Can S355 steel plate be welded?

S355 has excellent weldability and strength properties
(MIG) Metal Inert Gas welding often prove to be most effective type of joining S355 steel. While manual metal arc or tungsten inert gas welding can also be used for welding it.

Does S355 steel sheet rust?

It can be easily rust between the ranges of 30 - 35°C.

Can BS EN 10025 S355 material be hardened?

It is not ideal for hardening, however it can be put through to limited heat treatment process like case hardening.

Is S355 Mild Steel Plate ductile?

S355 is a structural steel material grade which has satisfactory ductility.

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