S275JR plate

S275 carbon steel material supplier in India

S275JR plate supplier in India

S275jr carbon steel material stockist in Mumbai

What is the minimum tensile stress for S275 plate?

The minimum tensile stress for S275 is 370Mpa.

What are the benefits of S275 steel plate?

S275 benefits are as follows:

  • High in strength and toughness
  • Highly ductile
  • Easy to form and weld
  • Affordable in price

S275 steel plate specification

S275 steel plate specification

Composition of S275 steel plate

Composition of S275 steel plate

S275 Mechanical Properties

S275 Mechanical Properties

Equivalent of S275 plate

Equivalent of S275 plate
S275 steel plate
S275jr low carbon steel sheet
S275jr carbon steel material

What is S275jr low carbon steel sheet used for?

It is useful for various general engineering and structural applications. Many bridge are construct from S275 sheet also building are manufactured due to its high strength and toughness. It is also used for parts in automotive, construction, oil & gas industries, and heavy tools.

What is the endurance limit for S275 steel?

The endurance limit for S275 plate is 195.47 MPa.

What is the thickness of S275 steel plate?

The thickness for S275 plate is in the range of 2-70mm.

Is S275 sheet hot rolled?

Yes, S275 steel plate is manufactured by using hot rolled technique.

What does S275jr plate yield?

The average minimum yield strength of S275 steel is 275 N/mm², which denotes its name S275.

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