Nickel Alloy

Nickel Alloy

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Nickel Alloy grades at a glance with ASTM specification and equivalent chart

There are different types and grades of the nickel alloy. Depending on the composition, some are called commercially pure nickel alloys which contain up to 99% nickel. The pure nickel alloys are used for some special application requirements. The nickel alloy price mostly depends on the composition. We can facilitate you with an updated pricelist for nickel alloys. The pure nickel alloy is a wrought nickel material. It could be cold drawn or hot rolled depending on the product that is made and the application that requires the product. It has some impressive mechanical properties. The alloy has low vapor pressure and has content. It has high thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity. The commercially pure nickel alloy is used in various industries such as the caustic alkalis industry, the manufacturing of synthetic fibers, food processing industries and the structural application that need maximum corrosion resistance. The nickel alloy piping products are used in creating corrosion resistant, long lasting piping. It is easy to weld with and can be machined with ease.

The pure nickel alloys contains other elements in smaller quantities as well. The high nickel alloy material composes of iron, manganese, silicon, cupper and carbon but in different quantities depending on the grade of the alloy. In pure nickel alloys, all of these elements together make up only about 1% of the content; the rest is nickel. The nickel alloy applications require the addition of these elements to make sure that the products are ductile, corrosion resistant, easy to weld with, easy to machine with and to be hardened and worked upon. The material comes in pipes, plates, bars, strips, tubes wires and other customized types of products. We are one of the largest nickel alloy stockists in India. We stock different forms and types of the material such as plates, pipes and sheets.

Nickel Alloy Products

Pure nickel price per kg

Pure Ni Alloy US $ 32/Kg

Nickel Alloy grades

UNS/ Werkstoff nr. ALLOY NI C CR FE MO Others TRADE NAME
N02200 / 2.4060 Alloy 200 99.4 0.05 Alloy 200
N02201 / 2.4068 Alloy 201 99.4 0.02 Alloy 201
N06600 / 2.4816 Alloy 600 76 0.15 15 6-10 Inconel® Alloy 600
N06601 / 2.4851 Alloy 601 60.5 0.1 23 14 Al 1.5 Inconel® Alloy 601
N06690 / 2.4642 Alloy 690 61.5 0.05 29 9 Inconel 690
N07718 / 2.4668 Alloy 718 54 0.08 18 18 Nb 5 Nb 5 Inconel® Alloy 718

Types of Ni Alloys

TYPE Common Uses
Pure Nickel (Ni) Caustic Service, Alkalis
Nickel-Copper (Ni-Cu) Reducing Acids
Nickel-Molybdenum (Ni-Mo) Reducing Acids
Nickel-Iron-Chromium (Ni-Fe-Cr) Oxidizing Acids
Nickel-Chromium-Silicon (Ni-Cr-Si) Super Oxidizing Acids (Concentrated Sulfuric)
Nickel-Chromium-Molybdenum (Ni-Cr-Mo) Most Versatile Alloys

ASTM Standard for Nickel Alloys

Alloy Ni-200, Commercially Pure, Low Alloy Standards ASTM B 160 ASME SB 160 DIN 17752 ISO 9723
Pipe & Tube ASTM B 161 ASME SB161 B 163/ SB 163 B 725/ SB 725 B730/ SB 730 B 751/ SB 751 B775/ SB 775 B 829/ SB 829 DIN 17751 ISO 6207
Plate, Sheet & Strip ASTM B 162 ASME SB 162 ISO 620 DIN 17750
Pipe Fittings ASTM B 366 ASME SB 366
Forgings ASTM B 564 ASME SB 564 DIN 1775 ISO 9725
Wire ASTM B160 ISO 972 DIN 17753

Nickel Alloy specification

NI 200/201 N 02200/01 BS 3075 (NA11) 2.4060
NI 205/205 LC N 02205 - 2.4061

Nickel Alloy temperature range

High Temperature Nickel Alloys

Alloy 200 600 Deg F (315 Deg C)
Alloy 201 1250 Deg F (677 Deg C)
HASTELLOY ® Alloy X (HX) 1200, through 1600°F for 16,000 hours.
INCONEL ® Alloy 625 1800 Deg F (980 Deg C)
INCONEL ® Alloy 718  -423 Deg F to 1300 Deg F (-253 Deg C to 705 Deg C)
INCONEL ® Alloy 600 2150 Deg F
INCONEL ® Alloy 601 2200 Deg F

Ni Alloys Applications

  • Nickel Alloys used in Aerospace Industry
  • Marine Industry
  • Chemical Industry

Nickel Alloy composition

NI 200 Min 99.2 Max 0.20 Max 0.30 Max 0.10 Max 0.10 Max 0.2 Max 0.10
NI 201 Min 99.2 Max 0.20 Max 0.30 Max 0.10 Max 0.05 Max 0.2 Max 0.10
NI 205 Min 99.6 Max 0.10 Max 0.20 Max 0.10 Max 0.05 Max 0.2 Max 0.05
NI 205 LC Min 99.6 Max 0.10 Max 0.20 Max 0.10 Max 0.02 Max 0.2 Max 0.05

Ni Alloys properties

(20-95 Deg C)
AT 20 Deg C
G/CM³ 10-6/K W/M K ΜΩ-CM
NI 200/201 8.89 13.3 70.20 9
NI 205/205 LC 8.89 13.3 75.00 8.9

Commercially Pure Nickel Alloy suppliers

High Curie temperature and good magnetostrictive material

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