Nickel Alloy Pipe

Nickel Alloy Pipe

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Nickel Pipe is a metal pipe that is made up of an alloy that has primarily nickel and other elements in its composition. The Seamless Nickel Alloy Pipes are usually cold drawn and has less absolute roughness. The seamless nature makes the surface very even which makes the wall thickness uniform along the length of the pipes. There are alloyed nickel pipes and pure alloy pipes. The pure nickel pipes are actually commercially pure and contain about 99% nickel in the composition. The Ni Welded Pipes are good for welding needs. Nickel is very much corrosion resistant and lightweight in nature. These properties of the element are used in various applications. These special steel pipes are used in power generation applications, pharmaceuticals, chemical equipment, sea water equipment, heat exchangers, condensers, pulp and paper industry, off shore oil and gas industries.

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The Polished Ni Pipes and the Pipe Sleeves are some of the variations that are used for special purposes. The usages sometimes are as clad pipes. The Nickel Alloy Clad Pipes are a fusion of corrosive pipes with noncorrosive nickel pipes. With the corrosion resistance properties of nickel, it is possible to clad or cover other metal pipes to make sure that the corrosion is eliminated at the same time it is cost effective. The Pure Nickel Alloy Welded Pipe is expensive compared to ordinary metal pipes but the benefits are better. The pure or High Nickel Alloy Seamless Pipe is therefore used only in applications that require this and cannot be replaced with anything else. These Polished Pipe can either be Pure Straight Pipes or in other shapes. The most used shape is the round pipe. But in addition to the Hot Finished Ni Alloy Round Pipe there are square, hexagonal and rectangular pipes as well.

Aesteiron Steels LLP, is one of the nickel alloy pipe suppliers, it is available in different sizes, finishes and specifications. It is recognized for its great properties high strength, excellent surface finish, and cost-effectiveness. It is available in seamless as well as welded forms. Nickel Alloy pipes consist alloys with nickel as principal element. It is extensively used for its high temperature strength, corrosion resistance, thermal expansion, special magnetic properties. Nickel based alloy are very useful materials for the manufacture of high quality nickel alloy seamless pipes. It is one of the main reasons why it provides excellent corrosion resistance in both aqueous and high temperature applications and it is very ductile. It can be electroplated and are easily welded which makes it suitable for use in industries where very high and low temperatures come into play. High nickel alloy pipes are made from combining nickel as the primary element with another material. It combines two materials to deliver more desirable features such as high strength or corrosion-resistance. Brushed nickel pipe sleeve has higher ability to accept alloying elements in solid solution compared to other stainless steel or iron-based alloys. Seamless nickel alloy pipe are excellent for heat exchangers in the chemical processing and nuclear industries. It is useful in high-temperature aircraft systems, in steam generator tubing, in nuclear power industry, and in oil and gas extraction programmes where corrosion, pressure and temperature resistant are required. It does not have seam or a weld-joint and are cold drawn and it is hot-rolled. It requires this perceived structural flaw and is considered to be safer compared to welded nickel alloy pipe. 

Nickel Alloy Pipe

Nickel Alloy Pipe Price

  • Pure Nickel Seamless Pipes
    FOB Price US $30 - US $60/ Kilogram

Nickel Alloy Pipe Specifications

Pure Nickel Pipes Specification Chart ASTM B 161 ASME SB 161 / ASTM B 622 ASME SB 622
Size / Gauge Chart 15 - 150" NB IN
Suitable for High Temp
Most frequent types Seamless / ERW / Welded / Fabricated / LSAW Pipes
Forms Include Round, Square, Rectangular, Hydraulic Etc
Pipe End Beveling POE, TBE, BOE, BOE, BSE, PBE, BLE, BBE, TOE, BE, Plain End, Beveled End, Treaded

Offering lowest price for

  • Pure Ni Pipes
    FOB Price US $30 - US $60/ Kilogram
  • ASTM B161 Welded and Seamless Pipes
    FOB Price US $15 - US $16/ Piece
  • High pressure thick wall Nickel-Cobalt Alloys Pipes
    FOB Price US $1,500 - US $3,000/ Ton
  • Ni Alloy Pipes
    FOB Price US $1,000 - US $3,000/ Ton
  • 99.6% Nickel Hexagonal Pipes
    FOB Price US $30 - US $100/ Kilogram
  • Pure Nickel Alloy Seamless Pipes
    FOB Price US $3,121 - US $3,283/ Ton
  • Nickel Welded Pipes
    FOB Price US $26,880 - US $26,900/ Ton
  • Pure Nickel seamless / welded / round/ square pipes
    FOB Price US $50 - US $85/ Kilogram
  • ASTM B161 Nickel Seamless Pipes
    FOB Price US $25 - US $50/ Kilogram
  • DN25 SCH 40s Pipes
    FOB Price US $3 - US $3.50 / Kilograms
  • 4 inch Nickel alloy pipes
    FOB Price US $1,000 - US $3,000/ Ton

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