Nickel alloy flanges

Nickel alloy flanges

Brushed nickel pipe flange and pure nickel socket weld flange manufacturer in India

Nickel Alloy flanges
Alloy 200 blind flange
Ni 200 weld neck flanges

Aesteiron Steels LLP is a recognize nickel alloy flanges supplier for both in national and international industries. We have a stock of it in various types, sizes and specifications. It is useful for various industrial applications and our quality of product are always appreciated by our customers. Our quality team ensures to use best quality raw material and latest technology.

Nickel alloy flanges specifications

Nickel alloy flanges specifications

Nickel flange is precisely designed to guarantee a sturdy connection in applications with high pressure, underwater tubing, extreme temperature fluctuations, exchangers, desalination, low cycle fatigue, marine hardware, bending or other stress in piping system, etc.

Nickel 200 flange is made from commercially pure nickel which is best known for its excellent performance in caustic solutions such as caustic soda. It also provides good performance in acids particularly in hydrofluoric acids and hydroxides but it can be attacked by a common solution of hydrochloric or sulfuric acids.

It has good ductility and low hardness so it is tough but not particularly strong. It is resistant to corrosive environment especially in reducing chemicals. It offers excellent protection to caustic alkaline solution. It can be attack in oxidizing salt solution.

It can be use in chemical and processing, particularly in an application which deal with caustic soda. It has high electrical and thermal conductivity and even magnetic properties which make it to be use in electric and sonic device. It can be use in salt production and application which use sodium hydroxide and fluorine.

Ni forged flanges types

High nickel alloy Blind Flange is use to seal flange connection in piping process equipment. It is often tap for instrumentation part and use to access and maintain equipment.

Ni alloy Lap Joint flange fit over pipe along with flare or stub end. And this help the flange to swivel freely to easily align bolt hole. Which is ideal for system whose design may change or frequently disassemble.

Pure nickel Slip On flange usually “slip” over pipe and are welded in place. Which allow flange freely swivel to easily align bolt hole before installing and welding in place.

Ni Socket Weld Flange has internal stop to support pipes while welding. By inserting the pipe in socket which stop allowing pipe from sliding all the way through and then flange is welded to secure the connection. It is similar to slip on flange but provides high strength connection.

High nickel Threaded flange is screwed on male NPT pipe without any need for welding. It can be easily install and uninstall. It is primarily use for small diameter pipe.

Pure nickel alloy Weld neck flange is also known as butt weld flange it is welded directly to pipe at flange neck. It has beveled end and while connecting the pipe it creates a tough strong weld. It is desirable for high pressure application.

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