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Monel R405

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The Monel 405 is a high strength, corrosion resistant alloy that can withstand most acidic and alkaline conditions. It is also resistant to reducing agents. It has good thermal conductivity and ductility. Monel 405 chemical composition includes iron, manganese and silicon in addition to nickel and copper. It is a member of the large family of Monel alloys. Monel is the common name for alloys that contain nickel, copper and other elements. These are very much resistant to reducing agents and are stronger. Monel alloys are expensive than ordinary metal. These are also used in ornamental purposes in addition to high end mechanical applications. The Monel 405 properties are unique in that the alloy is a free machining grade alloy. The sulfur content is increased in this alloy and it is used mostly in automatic screw machine stock. There are different standards and applications. Some of the standards are SB-164, Federal QQ-N-281 and so on. The Monel r405 is used as chip breaker because of the addition of the sulfur content and is stronger. It is also resistant to sea water and high temperature steam. Monel 405 suppliers sell a variety of Monel alloys. Other metals usually corrode by oxidation and reaction with steam in high temperatures, but the 405 is particularly resistant to steam in high temperatures. It also has resistance to hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids. The machining Monel 405 is therefore used in screw machine products, fasteners and in valve parts and meters. It is a pickled and fabricated alloy that is heat treated to bring the high tensile strength and high yield strength. It is possible to use standard welding procedures, soldering and brazing on this alloy material. The Monel UNS N04405 is not sold very commonly. But customization of products is possible. Please contact us for further inquiries and prices.

Monel R405 Products

  • Monel 405 Hex Bar
  • Monel 405 Round Bar
  • Monel Alloy 405 Plate

Alloy R405 price per kg

Monel R-405 price US $20/Kg

Alloy R405 ASTM Standard

R405 Bar and Rod: ASTM B-164, ASME SB-164, Federal QQN-281, SAE AMS 4674 & 7234, Military MIL-N-894, NACE MR-01-75.

Specification of Monel R405

Other name: Monel R405; Nickel 405; Alloy R405; Monel 405; Alloy 405

ASME SB 164 Bar and Rods
ASTM B 164 Bar and Rods
NACE MR 01 75 Bar and Rods
Monel R405 (tradename) Bar and Rods
AMS 4674 Bar and Rods
AMS 7234
QQ N 281 Bar and Rods
MIL N 894 Bar and Rods

Monel R405 Temperature Range

About 480 Degree C

Alloy R405 Applications & Uses

  • Sulfuric Acid Plants
  • Boilers and Heat exchangers
  • Oil refinery piping
  • Nuclear Fuel production
  • Pump shafts

Monel R405 Composition

  • Nickel 63%
  • Copper 28-34%
  • Carbon .3% max
  • Manganese 2% max
  • Iron 2.5% max
  • Silicon 0.5 max
  • Sulfur 0.025-0.060%

Properties of Alloy R405

Material Form and Condition Hardness Rockwell B Yield Strength (0.2% Offset) Ksi Tensile Strength Ksi Elongation (%)
Alloy 405 Rod and Bar Annealed 60-76 25-40 70-85 50-35
Alloy 405 Rod and Bar Cold- Drawn, As- Drawn 85-23C 50-105 85-115 35-15
Alloy 405 Rod and Bar Hot Finished 72-86 35-60 75-90 45-30

Other Relevant Grades

Monel R-405, Alloy R405, UNS N04405

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