Monel Pipe

Monel Pipe

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Monel Pipe is a name given to pipes made out of nickel alloys. The primary component of the alloy is nickel and there are additions of copper, manganese, carbon and silicon. Each of these materials is applied in different quantities in different grades of the alloy. The Monel Alloy Seamless Pipes are used in applications that deal with corrosive environments such as sea water, chemical plants and other high corrosive applications. The alloy is also resistance against most acids. The Monel Welded pipes are stronger and can be used where excessive welding is necessary. Because of the special make and raw materials involved, the alloy is expensive compared to other metal alloys. In high temperature applications where the emission of heat by radiation has to be reduced, the Monel Hot Finished Pipes are used. There are different grades and standards of the alloy.

The alloy standards usually govern the diameter of the pipes such as the Monel B165 SMLS Pipes. The Monel ASTM B165 Round Pipes are also one of the most used standards of the alloy. There are different versions of the same standard alloys as well. One major constituent is the making process. The cold drawn seamless pipes are common in high precision applications. The B165 Seamless Pipe has less absolute roughness and therefore could be fitted with other pipes and fittings with very high precision without the need for special tools. The ASTM B165 Hollow Pipes are used in applications that deal with hydrofluoric acid, alkalis, sulfuric acid and sea water. Different shapes of the pipes are also used in different applications. The most common shape is the round one, but others such as the ASTM B165 Square Pipes and Rectangular Pipes are also used according to the application requirements.

Monel Pipe is a group of nickel alloy which is essentially composed of nickel and copper with small amounts of iron, manganese, carbon, and silicon. It is corrosion resistant to many agents, including rapidly flowing seawater. It can be manufactured readily by hot- and cold-working, welding and machining.

B165 Monel Alloy Seamless Pipe is very difficult to machine because its work-hardens is very quickly. It needs to be turned and worked at low feed rates and at slow speeds. ASME SB 165 Seamless Monel Pipe is corrosion resistant to acids, and some alloys can resist a fire in pure oxygen. It is generally used in applications with highly corrosive conditions. 

ASTM B725 Monel Welded Pipe is used for marine engineering, hydrocarbon and chemical processing instrument, pumps, valves, shafts, fittings, fasteners, and heat exchangers. It is also useful as part of frames and metal instruments of eyeglasses.

Monel Hexagonal Pipe is a nickel-copper alloy with excellent corrosion resistance in a wide variety of media. It is slightly magnetic at room temperature. 

Monel ERW Pipe is also known for its good weldability; and it can be easily welded by most conventional processes, by joining it to itself or to other alloys. It is very sturdy in fact, much sturdy compared to steel. The ability to easily weld monel is a key factor for its use in applications such as marine components, chemical processing equipment etc.

monel drill pipe is hollow, thin-walled alloy piping that is used on drilling rigs. It is hollow to permit drilling fluid to be pumped down the hole through the bit and back up the annulus. 

Monel Pipe

Monel Pipe Price

  • Seamless Monel Pipes
    FOB Price US $15 - US $20/ Kilogram

Monel Pipe Specifications

Monel B165 SMLS Pipes, High Temperature Annealed Monel Pipes material in custom sizes

Sizes range 15 - 150" NB IN SCH5, SCH10, SCH40, SCH 40S, STD, SCH80, SCH160
Most Selling types Seamless / ERW / EFW / Welded / Fabricated
Shapes Round, Square, Hydraulic Etc
Lengths provided Single Random, Double Random & Cut to size.
Pipe End Abbreviations Bevel large end, Bevel both ends, Bevel one end, Bevel small end, Treaded Both Ends, Plain Both Ends, Treaded One End, Plain One End, Beveled One End, Beveled end,

Monel Pipe UNS and werkstoff designation

Alloy Name UNS Werkstoff Nr.
ALLOY 400 N04400 2.4360/ 2.4361
ALLOY 404 N04404  
ALLOY R-405 N04405  
ALLOY K-500 N05500 2.4375
ALLOY 502 N05502  

Monel pipes relevant grades

Quick delivery with MTC of below

  • ASTM B725 Monel Seamless Pipes
    FOB Price US $2.50 - US $25/ Kilogram
  • Nickel-Copper Alloys Pipes
    FOB Price US $20 - US $35/ Kilogram
  • ASTM B165 Monel Seamless Pipes
    FOB Price US $20 - US $70/ Kilogram
  • Welded Monel Seamless Pipes
    FOB Price US $15.80 - US $16/ Kilogram
  • Monel Alloy Pipes
    FOB Price US $25 - US $50/ Kilogram
  • Monel Pipes sch40
    FOB Price US $2,000 - US $5,000/ Ton
  • Monel Hexagonal Pipes
    FOB Price US $10 - US $30/ Kilogram
  • Custom sizes Monel Welded Pipes
    FOB Price US $20 - US $70/ Kilogram
  • ASTM B163 / B165 Monel Alloy Pipes
    FOB Price US $24,000 - US $40,000/ Ton
  • Monel R405 Nickel Copper Alloy Pipes suitable For Sulfuric Acid
    FOB Price US $36 - US $39/ Kilograms

Monel B165 SMLS Pipes suppliers

Monel ASTM B165 Round Pipes

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