Monel Alloy K500

Monel Alloy K500

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Alloy K500 is a member of Monel alloys which are nickel copper alloys. The nickel component is usually higher than the other components. When the copper component exceeds the proportion of nickel component, it is called a cupronickel alloy. The Monel K500 UNS N05500 is stronger and harder than most metallic alloys and is much corrosion resistant. All Monel alloys are corrosion resistant to brackish water. The addition of aluminum and titanium make the DIN 2.4375 alloy even stronger. The alloy could be work hardened. This has advantages and disadvantages. Since it is easy to work harden, machining has to be done slowly because the alloy tends to harden faster. The Monel K500 price varies depending on the market conditions and the availability. We can provide you with a full pricelist upon contact. The Monel K500 machinability is less and therefore machining is done before precipitation hardening.  The alloy could be age hardened as well. The alloy could perform under cryogenic temperatures and up to very high temperatures. This makes the alloy suitable for high temperature, high corrosive environments. The Monel K500 specification includes the gamma prime formation which occurs with aging. This layer acts as a boundary between the corrosive agents and the alloy material. There is pitting corrosion in the beginning but it slows down and then remains without corrosion with age. Due to these properties of the alloy, it is used in water pump shafts, impellers, propellers, oil well drill collars, electronic components and other high end accessories. The Monel K500 heat treatment makes it harder. Once hardened, cold working and machining become very tough. The applications also span into centrifugal pumps used in the marine industry, propeller shafts and valve components and some other ship and boat accessories. The Monel K500 suppliers produce different types of products such as bars, pipes and sheets from this material.

Monel K500 Products

Alloy K500 price per kg

Monel K500 price USD $24/Kg

Alloy K500 ASTM Standard



Metal Type

UNS N05500


ASTM B865/ SB865 QQ-N-286




ASTM B865/ SB865 QQ-N-286


ASTM B865/ SB865 QQ-N-286



QQ-N-286 Din 17754

Weld Wire

FM 60 ERNiCu-7

Weld Electrode
FM 190 ENiCu-7 Din 17753



Specification of Monel K500

Monel Alloy K500, Nickel K500 (NA18, N05500)

  • 2.4374
  • 2.4375
  • NA18
  • N05500
  • BS3076
  • ASTM B865
  • AMS 4676
  • NiCu30Al (DE)

Equivalent Standards

Nickel Alloy Werkstoff material No. EN UNS
K-500 2.4375 NiCu30Al N05500

Monel K500 Temperature Range

400 Degree F

Alloy K500 Applications & Uses

  • Marine & Offshore industry
  • Oil & Gas industry
  • Cryogenic equipment springs
  • Electronic components

Monel K500 Chemical Composition Guide

Percentage of alloy: Ni 65.5%, Al 2.7%, Ti 0.6%, Cu 29.5%

Mechanical Characteristics of Alloy K500

Hardness (HB) Ultimate Tensile Strength (N/mm²) Proof Stress (N/mm²) Elongation (%)
27-35 HRC 970-1000 690-760 15-20

Other Relevant Grades

MONEL® alloy K-500 (UNS N05500/ W.Nr. 2.4375)

High Strength Marine Alloy

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