Maraging Steel Plate

Maraging Steel Plate

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Maraging Steel Sheet is known for possessing superior strength and toughness without losing its ductility. Its aging can be extended heat-treatment process. Maraging Steel Plate is special class of low-carbon ultra-high-strength steels that obtain their strength not from carbon, but from precipitation of intermetallic compounds. Maraging 250 is an age hardenable iron-nickel steel alloy melted as VIM + VAR with ultra-high strength and toughness. Maraging Steel 250 is easily machinable in the annealed condition prior to final heat treatment. It has improved fracture toughness from Maraging 300 but slightly less strength. Maraging C250 has a wide range of application including power shafts, rocket motor casings, light aircraft landing gear and low temperature tooling.

18ni300 I can be easily machinable in the annealed condition prior to final heat treatment. Its unique properties make it suitable for many critical aerospace applications. Maraging Steel 1.2709 has low carbon content which provides good machinability and it also offers good weldability which must be aged afterwards to restore its primary properties to the heat affected zone. When 2800 Maraging Steel is heat treated, its alloy has very little dimensional change and this is why it is often machined to its final dimensions before heat treatment.

1.2709 Maraging Steel is a tool steel with a high content of alloyed some molybdenum and nickel. It is suitable for many tooling and high performance applications that needs toughness and high strength.Ms1 Maraging Steel is the equivalent of M300 maraging steels. Its strength is transmitted by martensite ageing which is improved after heat treatment. It is useful for injection molding tool inserts through die casting tooling to F1 engine substrate components where ultra-high strength is required. Vascomax 250 is a strong, nickel alloy which has an outstanding ductility and offers ease of machining and forming. It resists corrosion from saltwater and industrial atmospheres and can be readily welded.

Maraging Steel Sheet Price list

Type Description USA FOB Price Malaysia FOB Price Europe FOB Price Singapore FOB Price Saudi Arabia (KSA) FOB Price
    Unit Per Sq mtr Unit Per Sq mtr Unit Per Sq mtr Unit Per Sq mtr Unit Per Sq mtr
maraging steel plate Size : 20mm x 1200 x 500 US $ 6630 Malaysia Ringgit 29665 Euro 6527 Singapore Dollar 9176 Saudi Riyal 24899
maraging steel 250 Plate Size : 12mm x 1000 x 2000 US $ 3966 Malaysia Ringgit 17745 Euro 3904 Singapore Dollar 5489 Saudi Riyal 14894

Maraging 250 Sheet Specification Chart

  • UNS : K92890
  • Specifications : AMS 6520

Features of 1.2709 Steel material

  • Meets AMS 6512 specifications
  • Meets ASTM A 538 specifications
  • Meets MIL-S-46850D specifications
  • Meets UNS K 92890 specifications
  • Extremely tough
  • Relatively soft
  • Maintains high strength & toughness
  • Ultrahigh tensile strength
  • Resists corrosion & crack propagation
  • Excellent cleanliness & polishability
  • Readily weldable

Vascomax 250 Steel Plate Application

  • Missile & rocket motor cases
  • Munitions
  • Landing gear components
  • Aerospace
  • Extrusion tooling
  • Die casting
  • High performance shafting, gears & fasteners

Types of AISI 18ni300 Sheet

Maraging Steel Sheet
Maraging 250 Plate
Maraging Steel 250 Plate
Maraging C250 Steel Sheet
Maraging Steel Plate
2800 Maraging Steel Plate

Chemical Equation of Maraging Steel Plate

Weight% Ni Co Mn Si C Al Mo S P Ti Fe Cr Cu
C250 17.0 / 19.0 7.0 / 8.5 0.10 max 0.10 max 0.03 max 0.05 / 0.15 4.6 / 5.2 0.010 max 0.010 max 0.3 / 0.5 Bal 0.50 0.50

Maraging Steel Sheet Mechanical Behaviour

Material Condition Ultimate Tensile (min) Yield Strength (Min) Elongation in 4D % (min) Hardness
Mpa Ksi Mpa Ksi
Alloy Maraging C250 After Maraging heat treatment 900°F 1758 255 1724 250 6 ≥ 48 HRC

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