Inconel Alloy X750

Inconel Alloy X750

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Alloy X750 is a chromium nickel superalloy belonging to the family of Inconel alloys. Inconel alloys are made through solid solution strengthening processes and they are harder, stronger and corrosion resistant to most dry gases and acids under room temperature. The Inconel X750 UNS N07750 alloy has good creep resistance and rupture strength due to the addition of titanium and aluminum in the composition. The chemical composition includes carbon, manganese, silicon, sulfur, chromium, cobolt, titanium, iron, copper, tantalum and niobium. The combination of these elements brings the nickel alloy the additional mechanical properties. The alloy is designated by DIN 2.4669 and is produced in different shapes and sizes. The alloy could be age hardened. It could be used in cryogenic applications as well as high temperature applications. The Inconel x750 spring is used in rocket motors and nuclear reactors to support heavy weight applications because of the high strength of the alloy. The material could also be used in gas turbine engines, rocket engines, heat treating fixtures, heat exchangers, pressure vessels and airframes. The structural applications use the material because of the high tensile strength and the impact strength exhibited by the Inconel X750. We offer a good Inconel x750 price for our customers. The Inconel x750 astm standard governs the thicknesses, diameters and other dimensions of the alloy to make the measurements universal and to govern the mechanical properties and quality of the products. The Inconel x750 chemical composition allows the material to have a very high melting range from 1393 degrees to 1427 degrees Celsius. This means that the alloy could perform up to these temperatures without corrosion. The oxidation resistant is superior because of the formation of patina like oxide layer on the outer surface. The Inconel X750 suppliers sell this material in custom shapes and forms as well depending on customer demand.

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Inconel Alloy X750 price per kg

Inconel X750 US $79/Kg

Inconel Alloy X750 ASTM Standard

Standards:ASTM B637, AMS 5542, 5598, 5670, 5671, 5247

Specification of Inconel X750

UNS Number: N07750
W.Nr.Number: 2.4669
Other Trade Names: Inconel X750, Nickel X750, Haynes X750, Alloy X750, Pyromet X750, NickelvacX750, Nicorros® 7016

Inconel X750 Equivalent

Inconel X-750 2.4669 N07750          

Inconel X750 Temperature Range

Up to 704°C

Inconel Alloy X750 Applications & Uses

  • Rocket engines manufacturing
  • Power generation and Nuclear reactors
  • Aircraft Gas Turbines engines
  • Food Processing
  • Tooling equipments
  • Nuclear reactors / valves
  • Pressure vessels and Cryogenic Storage Tanks
  • Aerospace / Chemical industries
  • Marine and Sea-water applications

Inconel X750 Composition

% Nickel - Ni Cr C Cu S Si Nb+Ta Fe Mn
Min 70 14 - - - - 0.7 5 -
Max - 17 0.08 0.50 0.01 0.50 1.2 9 1

Properties of Inconel Alloy X750

Find complete information about Inconel X750 thermal conductivity, hardness, chemical composition and machinability. Also check alloy X750 applications & yield strength.

Density: 8.276 g/cm³
Melting point range: 1393-1427 Deg C
Poisson's ratio: 0.3
Electrical resistivity: 1.22 x 10-6 Ω⋅m
Corrosion resistance: 15.05-18.8 , PREN = %Cr + 1.5(%Mo + %W + %Nb)

Mechanical & Physical Strength 20 Deg C 600 Deg C 400 Deg C 649 Deg C 538 Deg C 200 Deg C 816 Deg C 427 Deg C 732 Deg C
MPa or Tensile Strength 1503.1 622.6 744.6 593 - 1351.4 600 688.8 -
MPa / 0.2% Yield Strength 979.1 278.5 365.4 250.3 - 737.7 253.7 340.6 -
Elongation % 36 46 47 47 - 49 48 47 -
V-notch and J Charpy Impact 436.6 - 189.8 - - 115.2 - - -

Other Relevant Grades

INCONEL alloy X-750 UNS N07750, DIN 2.4669

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