Inconel 600 Flanges

Inconel 600 Flanges

Werkstoff 2.4816 plate flange and alloy 600 reducing flange manufacturer in India

Inconel 600 Flanges
UNS N06600 Weld Neck Flange
Alloy 600 lap joint flange

Aesteiron Steels LLP is Inconel 600 flanges manufacturer. We are involve in manufacturing customized and special features flanges to our clients. We manufacture it by considering national and international quality standards and offer it in an exclusive range and forms like diameter sizes and thickness.

We strive hard to provide customize product which match the need of any applications. Our team of production and quality experts and other workers gives their best to offer best quality product.

Inconel 600 Flanges Specifications

Inconel 600 Flange Specifications

Alloy 600 flanges chemical composition

Alloy 600 flanges chemical composition

Inconel Flange is use when pipe joint needs dissemble. It is mainly used to connect pumps, valves, pipes, and other parts to form a piping system. It is usually welded or thread screwed to connect. It can be easily repair and maintain.

Inconel 600 Flange Types

Alloy 600 blind flange

It is produced without a bore and are used to vacant off the ends of pipes, valves and pressure vessel openings. From the point of view of internal pressure and bolt loading, it is the most overstressed flange types are blind flanges, especially in bigger sizes.

Nickel 600 weld neck flange

It is also called a tapered hub flange or high-hub flange, is a kind of flange that can relocate stress to the pipes, ensuring a decrease in high-stress concentration at the bottom of the flange. There are two kinds of welding neck flanges the first type is used with wipes while the other is a, longer type and cannot be used with pipes but with a process plant. It comprises of a round fitting that expands beyond the circumference of rim. It is usually manufactured from forging and are actually welded to pipes.

600 Inconel Slip on Flange

It is basically ring which is install over pipe end, with flange face extending from end of pipe by adequate distance to apply welded bead to the inner diameter. As name suggests it slip over a pipe and hence known as slip on flanges. It is a kind of flange which is a bit bigger than the pipe and slides over the pipe, with internal design. It is a suitable choice for low-pressure applications. It is excessively utilized in many fluid pipelines.

DIN 2.4816 Lap Joint Flange

It is almost similar to the slip on flange, excluded the radius at the intersection of the flange face and the bore to board the flanged portion of the Stub End. It has the ability to hold pressure is little, if stronger than that of Slip On flanges. Its exhaustion life of assembly is only one-tenth as compare to Weld Neck flange. Hence is used for non-critical and low-pressure applications.

UNS N06600 Reducing flange

It is design for changing the size of pipe. Its dimension mainly matches larger pipe size and smaller bore match smaller pipe size. It is available in all pressure class and it is alternative to connect two different pipe size. It should not be use if unexpected change, such as at pump it would cause unnecessary turbulence.

It is design to use in piping system for changing the diameters. It consist of one-specified diameter flange with separate and smaller diameter bore. It is attach by welding, gluing or clamping flange of same size supplied with different connecting pieces.

Inconel alloy 600 Orifice Flange

It is used with orifice meters for the reason of measuring the flow rate of either liquids or gases in the particular pipeline. It is available in wide array of the following types i.e. corner tap orifice flanges, raised face weld neck orifice flanges, raised face slip-on orifice flange, and ring-type joint weld neck orifice flanges.

Werkstoff 2.4816 Plate Flange

It is known as flat flanges. It has gasket surface in same plane as face of bolting circle. It is also called flat-faced flange. It is often use with those in which a casting is made of flanged fitting or mating flange. It is use when counter-flanges are flat face.

UNS N06600 flange properties

  • It is non-magnetic
  • It has excellent mechanical properties
  • It has high strength and good weldability under wide range of temperature
  • It is resistant to wide variety of corrosive media
  • It is effectively immune to chloride iron stress corrosion cracking

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