Hot rolled coil

Hot rolled coil

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What is hot rolled steel?

Hot rolled steel go through a mill method in which the steel is rolled at a temperature above its temperature of recrystallization a heating temperature which usually outreach 1000°F. When steel is heated and past its recrystallization point, it becomes more ductile and can be perfectly formed and shaped. It even allows to produce large steel quantities.

What are the defects of hot rolled coil?

The defects of hot rolled coil can be as follows;

  • Furnace tears
  • Hot mill bruise
  • Hot short tears
  • Roll stains
  • Rolled in scale
  • Crust
  • Silicon lines
Hot rolled coil
HR coil
Hot strip coil

Hot rolled coil specification

Hot rolled coil specification

Where is hot rolled coil used?

Because hot rolled coil shrinks while the cooling phase and hence there is a less degree of control on its finishing shape. Due to this reason it is usually used in application which doesn’t require exceptionally tight tolerances. Below given are some of its applications.

  • Tools for Agriculture
  • Automobile elements such as wheel rims and frames
  • Construction items such as I - beams
  • Railroad tools

Does hot rolling increase strength?

Yes, hot rolling can be used to increase the yield strength and tensile strength

Does hot rolling increase ductility?

The process of hot rolling has remarkable effect on the features of steel. Through heating steel over recrystallization temperature and after that cooling it at room temperature in a process which is known as normalization. The microstructure of steel go through permanent changes which results in improved toughness and ductility.

How does hot rolling affect tensile strength?

The tensile strength can increase with the decrease in the hot rolling temperature at ductility cost. The maximum strength was attained in hot rolled at 700 °C with 917 MPa yield strength and ductility of 25%.

How thick is a hot rolled coil?

The thickness of hot rolled coil could be in size of 1.2 mm - 25.4 mm in thickness and 600 mm - 2180 mm in width.

Why is hot working advantageous?

Hot working enhances the originating properties of the material because it restores the microstructure with one which has fine spherical formed grains. These grains enhances the material strength, ductility, and toughness.

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