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What are High Yield Steel Plates?

High Yield Steel Plate has the capacity to endure structural loads up to the point of failure is measured as its yield strength. It offers enhanced resistance to an array of structural loads, in order to endure the severe actions innate in most demanding applications on earth. S500MC offer incomparable strength values post heat treatment and mechanical profiling. Due to its alloying content of low- to high-contents of titanium (Ti) and medium to ultra-high molybdenum (Mo) levels it is commonly suited for heat treatment and bending with no substantial drop in the yield behavior of the material. S500MC Sheet is used for cold formed components including cold pressed parts and sections. Its common applications include load bearing beams, steel frames, and pipework.

S700MC provides excellent bending and folding properties though case should be taken in order to ensure that it is at the right specification for the job. It can be welded both manually and using automatic equipment by means of all electrical welding processes provided the general technical rules are observed. S700MC Steel Plate should be normalised and stress relief annealing above 580 °C with long holding times results in a reduction of yield strength and tensile strength as compared to the ‘asdelivered’ condition which is why such heat treatments should be avoided. It is not suitable for hot-forming. If low-voltage annealing is necessary to compensate the welding stresses, the suggested annealing time between 530 °C and 580 °C is 30 minutes.

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  • Grade 300M high tensile steel
    Equivalent Grades; DIN 1.6928, UNS K44220, ASTM A579, ASTM A646
    AMS 6417, AMS 6419, MIL S-8844D, S-8844 Class 2
  • Grade: 4140 high tensile steel
    Equivalent Grades; AS1444-1996 4140, BS970-1955, EN19A, BS970 Part 3-1991 709M40, ASTM A29/29M 1991 4140, SAE/AISI 4140
  • Grade: 4145H high tensile steel
    Equivalent Grade; API Spec 7, SAE J1268, UNS H41450, ASTM A304
  • Grade: 4340 high tensile steel
    Equivalent Grade; AS1444-1996 4340, BS970-1955, EN24, BS970 Part 3-1991 817M40, ASTM A29/29M 1991 4340, SAE/AISI 4340
  • Grade: EN25 high tensile steel
    Equivalent Grade; AS1444-1996 X9931, BS970-1955 EN25, BS970 Part 3-1991 826M31
  • Grade; EN26 high tensile steel
    Equivalent Grade; AS 1444-1996 X9940, BS970-1955 EN26, BS970 Part 3-1991 826M40

High Tensile plate price List

Type Description USA FOB Price Malaysia FOB Price Europe FOB Price Singapore FOB Price Saudi Arabia (KSA) FOB Price
Unit Per mtr Unit Per mtr Unit Per mtr Unit Per mtr Unit Per mtr
High Tensile plate Size : 12.7mm x 1500 x 5000 US $ 1.1 Malaysia Ringgit 4.48 Euro 0.92 Singapore Dollar 1.47 Saudi Riyal 4.13
High Strength steel plate Size : 16mm x 1500 x 6000 US $ 1.12 Malaysia Ringgit 4.56 Euro 0.94 Singapore Dollar 1.50 Saudi Riyal 4.20

High Tensile Stainless Steel Plate Material Specification Chart

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Specification High Tensile Steel Plates
Thickness: 3 MM To 250 MM
Production Hot-Rolled (HR) and Cold-Rolled (CR) Manufacturer and Supplier
Application Oil & Gas , Sugar Mills , Chemicals & Fertilizers Industries , Ship Building , Cement Industries , Paper Industries , Petrochemicals , etc
Width 1000 MM To 3000 MM
Lengths: up to 20 M

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List Of High Tensile Strength Steel Plate Types

High Tensile Plate
High Tensile Steel Plate
High Tensile Strength Steel Plate
High Tensile Stainless Steel Plate
High Tensile Aluminium Plate
High Strength Weldable Steel Plate
High Quality Hot Rolling Steel Plate
High Strength Wear Resistant Alloy Steel Plate
Galvanized High Strength Constructions Steel Plate
Hot Rolled High Tensile Wear Resistant Steel Plate
High Strength 3mm Thick Hot Dip Galvanizing And Black Carbon Steel Plate
A514 High Strength Alloy Steel Plate
40mm Thick High Tensile Hot Rolled Steel Plate
Hot Dipped Galvanized High Tensile 1 Inch Steel Plate
16mm Manganese High Strength Tensile Steel Plate

High Tensile Stainless Steel Plate Grades

A572: Gr 42, Gr 50
A656 Gr 50
IS 2062: E300,E350,E410, E450 SAILMA: 300HI, 350HI, 410HI, 450HI
IS 8500: FE 440, FE 490, FE540, FE 570
17100: ST 44.3, ST 52.3 BS 4360: 43, 50 EN 10025: S275, S355
EN 10113
G 3101: SS490
G 3106: SM 490, SS520

Density of High Tensile Steel Plate

Finding the best High Tensile plate manufacturers for a critical use? Then look no further! A leading exporter and supplier of High Tensile Strength Steel Plate in India
Steel, AISI 4130, water quenched 855 °C (1570 °F), 480 °C (900 °F) temper 951 7.85
Steel, API 5L X65 448 7.8
Steel, high strength alloy ASTM A514 690 7.8
Acrylic, clear cast sheet (PMMA) 72 1.16

Minimum Energy Values For Impact Tests of High Strength Carbon Steel Plate

Quality Test Temperature °C
-20 -40 -50 -60
M 40J
ML 27J
Q 30J
QL 30J
QL1 30J

High Strength Steel Sheet Chemical And Physical Properties

S C Cr Si Mo Mn Ni P Al
0.005 max 0.20 max 1.50 max 0.80 max 0.70 max 1.70 max 2.0 max 0.0.20 max 0.015 max

S500mc, S700mc Plate Chemical Composition





































High Strength Stainless Steel Plate Mechanical Strength Table

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Thickness milimeter Rm MPa Re MPa A %
< 50 770 – 940 690 14
> 50 ? 100 760 – 930 650 14
> 100 710 – 900 630 14

S500mc, S700mc Plate Mechanical Properties


Yield Strength

Tensile Strength

Elongation A

< 3mm

≥ 3mm


≥ 500Mpa


≥ 12%

≥ 14%


≥ 700Mpa


≥ 10%

≥ 12%

Heat Treatment of High Strength Alloy Steel Plate

Heat Treatment Treatment time & manner of cooling Temperature °C
Stress relieving 2 minutes/mm thickness, min. 30 minutes.
Slow cooling in the furnace
550 – 580 (target 560)

Metal Forming of high tensile aluminium plate

Thickness mm (2.5) – 3 (3) – 4 (4) – 5 (5) – 6 (6) – 7 (7) – 8 (8) – 10
3.5 5 6 8 12 14 16

Strength Requirements of High Tensile Stainless Steel Plate

Grade Nominal Thickness t (mm)
3 ≤ t ≤ 50 50 < t ≤ 100 100 < t ≤ 150
Minimum yield strength ReH, MPa
S460Q 460 440 400
S500Q 500 480 440
S550Q 550 530 490
S620Q 620 580 560
S690Q 690 650 630
S890Q 890 830
S960Q 960
Tensile strength Rm, MPa
S460Q 550-720 500-670
S500Q 590-770 540-720
S550Q 640-820 590-770
S620Q 700-890 650-830
S690Q 770-940 760-930 710-900
S890Q 940-1100 880-1100
S960Q 980-1150

High strength weldable steel plate Technical Parameters

Steel Grade Executive Standard
12Mn, 16Mn 15MnV, 15MnVN 14MnNb GB3274-88
Q295(A, B), GB/T1591-94
Q345(A, B, C, D, E)≤100mm GB/T1591-94
Q345(A, B, C, D, E)≥ 102mm Q/WTB8 - 2000
Q390(A, B, C, D, E) Q420(A, B, C, D, E) Q460(C, D, E) GB/T1591-94
Q500(D, E), Q550(D, E), Q620(D, E), Q690(D, E) GB/T16270
SM490(A, B, C), SM490Y(A, B) SM520(B, C), SM570 JIS G3106
SS490, SS540 JIS G3101
St44-3, St52-3, St50-2 St60-2, St70-2 DIN17100
StE315, StE355, StE380 StE420, StE460, StE500 DIN17102
A572M(Gr42, 50, 60, 65) A633M(A, C, D, E) ASTM
S275(JR, J0, J2G3, J2G4) S355(JR, J0, J2G3, J2G4, K2G3, K2G4) E295, E335, E360 EN10025
S275N, S275NL, S355N, S355NL S420N, S420NL, S460N, S460NL EN10113
50(A, B, C, D, DD, EE, F) 43(A, B, C, D, EE), 55(C, EE, F) BS4360
WH60(A, B, C, D, E), WJX013-2001
WH70 WYJ060-2000
WH80 WYJ002-2002
WH410LK(BB41BF) WH490LK(BB503) special purpose and condition
E355(DD, E), E460(CC, DD, E) ISO4950-2
E420(DD, E), E460(DD, E) E550(DD, E) High-strength low-alloy (HSLA) ISO4950-3
Fe430(A, B, C, D) Fe510(B, C, D) ISO630

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