Heat resistant steel plate

Heat resistant steel plate supplier in India

High temperature steel plates supplier in India

Heat resistant steel plate performs well at higher temperature and it is even known as refractory metal. It is provide good hardness even at normal temperature and can survive in temperature above 2000 °C. The only metals alloys which are perfectly for high temperature condition is high temp resistant metal which has chemical content such as molybdenum, niobium, rhenium, tantalum and tungsten.

High temperature steel plates is primarily manufactured for using in high temperature without losing its strength and structural toughness. It is made up of various chemical elements which increase its ability to resist against oxidation and heat exhaust. It is usually utilize for applications which needs strength, durability and resistance against deformation in high temperature conditions.

Creep resistant steel plate characteristics

It exhibits various features which makes it applicable for demanding application under high temperature environment. One of the prime characteristic is the ability to sustain strength and hardness even at raised temperature. This is attained by its alloying elements such as chromium, molybdenum, nickel, and vanadium, which increases the material heat stability. Moreover it has excellent oxidation and corrosion resistance properties which makes them endure for long duration when it is been exposed to high temperature without getting deformed. This properties makes it applicable for harsh environment.

It is even resistant to thermal fatigue and creep. Which means that the material can bear continuous heating cycle without breaking, while creep resistance makes the material to resist from damage under continuous high temperature pressure. These characteristics makes it important for working at high temperature applications like boiler, heat exchangers and turbine blades.

Refractory steel plates applications

It is important for various industrial application which goes through high temperature and harsh conditions. Its common application includes as follows:

  • Chemical processing industries
  • Petrochemical industries
  • Power generation industries, etc.

They are utilize in makings parts of boilers, heat exchangers, furnace parts and reactors.

In automotive and aerospace industries, it is utilize for making engine parts, exhaust system and turbine blades which it is protected against intense heat created while working with it.

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Heat resistant steel plate
Refractory steel plates
Creep resistant steel plates

Heat resistant steel plate specification

Heat resistant steel plate specification

High temperature steel plates
Refractory steel plates
Creep resistant steel plates

Heat resistant metal plate distributor in India

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