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Alloy C22 is a member of a family of superalloys that are made up of nickel, chromium and molybdenum. There are other elements in the composition as well. But the major elements make the alloy resistant to much reducing environments, oxidizing agents and make it stronger as well. It is an austenitic steel material with the addition of tungsten in it to enhance the pitting crevice stress corrosion resistance of the alloy. The Hastelloy C22 UNS N06022 has resistance against high chloride environments and is resistance to organic and inorganic acids and salts. The nickel and molybdenum parts of the alloy make it stronger against most reducing agents, while the chromium component makes it harder for corrosion by oxidizing agents. This combination along with the strength improved by the addition of the tungsten material makes the alloy used in a range of products. The DIN 2.4602 material is sold in bars, sheets, plates, fittings, pipes and tubes as well. There are certain classes and pressure ratings for different material types. The Hastelloy C22 price is slightly higher than the other Hastelloy variations and we offer a comprehensive price list. The Hastelloy C22 density is also higher than that of other members of the Hastelloy family. Hastelloy C22 suppliers offer different types of the products in this material for different applications. The applications include the manufacturing of cellophane, chlorination systems, pharmaceutical applications, pesticide production, incineration scrubber systems, waste water management systems and chemical processing industrial applications such as equipment, gas scrubbers, sulfur dioxide scrubbers, pulp and paper bleach plants, fuel reprocessing systems and pickling systems. The Hastelloy C22 chemical composition includes vanadium, tungsten, silicon, sulfur, phosphorus, nickel, molybdenum, manganese, iron, cobolt, chromium and carbon in its composition. Other variations of the Hastelloy could also be used as Hastelloy C22 equivalent materials when the application requirements permit.

Hastelloy C22 Products

Hastelloy Alloy C22 price per kg

Price US $39/Kg

Hastelloy Alloy C22 ASTM Standard

Sheets / Plates
Smls Pipes
Welded Pipes
Smls Tube
Welded Tube
Bars / Rods
Pipe Fitting
B619 B622 B626 B574 B564 B366

Specification of Hastelloy C22

HASTELLOY® C-22® alloy
(N06022, W86022)
Sheets, Plates & Strips SB 575/B 575
P= 43
Bars, Rods, Billet SB 574/B 574
P= 43
Coated Electrode SFA 5.11/ A5.11 (ENiCrMo-10)
Bare Welding Rod and Wires SFA 5.14/ A5.14 (ERNiCrMo-10)
F= 43
Pipe & Tubing - Seamless SB 622/B 622
P= 43
Pipe & Tubing -Welded SB 619/B 619
P= 43
Pipe Fittings (Buttweld) SB 366/B 366
P= 43
Forged / Forging Products SB 564/B 564
P= 43
DIN 17744 No. 2.4602 NiCr21Mo14W
TÜV Werkstoffblatt 479
Kennblatt 4535.00
Kennblatt 4536.00
Kennblatt 4534.01
Other Stanard NACE MR0175

Hastelloy C22 Temperature Range

HASTELLOY® C-22® alloy
(N06022, W86022)
ASME Section l 1250°F (677°C)1
Section lll Class 1 800°F (427°C)1
Class 2 1250°F (677°C)2
Class 3 1250°F (677°C)2
Section Vlll Div. 1 1250°F (677°C)1
Div. 2 1250°F (677°C)1
Section Xll 650°F (343°C)3
B16.5 1250°F (677°C)4
B16.34 1250°F (677°C)5
B31.1 800°F (427°C)6
B31.3 800°F (427°C)7
VdTÜV (doc #) 844°F (450ºC)8,

Hastelloy Alloy C22 Applications & Uses

  • Power generation
  • Chemical processing
  • Expansion bellows
  • Nuclear power fuel processing
  • Nuclear reactor process
  • Industrial equipment
  • Commercial Gas Turbines

Hastelloy C22 Composition

C: 0.015 max
Mn: 0.50 max
V: 0.35 max
Co: 2.5 max
W: 2.50 - 3.50
Si: 0.08 max
P: 0.020 max
S: 0.020 max
Cr: 20.0 - 22.50
Mo: 12.50 - 14.50
Fe: 2.0 - 6.0
Ni: Balance

Properties of Hastelloy Alloy C22

Physical Strength

Density: 0.314 lb/in3, (8.69 g/cm3)

Modulus of Rigidity (G):
At 70 Deg F (20°C): 11.4 x 103 ksi (78.6 GPa)

Modulus of Elasticity (E): 
At 70 Deg F (20°C): 29.9 x 103 ksi (206 GPa)

Coefficient of Expansion:
7.7 µin/in.-°F (70 Deg F to 1000 Deg F)
13.9 µm/m-°C (20 Deg C to 538 Deg C)

Electrical Resistivity: 44.8 µΩ.in, (1.14 µΩ.cm)

Thermal Conductivity: 70 Btu-in/ft2hr-°F, (10.1 W/m-K)

Other Relevant Grades

Hastelloy C-22, UNS N06022, Alloy C22, W. Nr. 2.4602

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