Hastelloy C22 flanges

Hastelloy C22 flanges

DIN 2.4602 spectacle blind flange and alloy c22 weld neck flange manufacturer in India

Hastelloy C22 flanges
ASTM B564 UNS N06022 Slip On Flange
Alloy C22 Blind Flanges

Aesteiron Steels LLP is known supplier of hastelloy c22 flange. It is available in various size and specification. It is use for various industrial applications which is fabricated by using best quality raw material with innovative techniques and procedures.

Our vendor holds a vast experience in making all types of flanges. We classify our customer demands and offer them the product as per their requirement and satisfaction. We also do third party inspection and testing demanded as per the customers.

Hastelloy C22 flanges Specification

Hastelloy C22 flanges Specification

Alloy C22 flanges chemical composition

Alloy C22 flanges chemical composition

It is made up of versatile austenitic nickel-chromium-molybdenum-tungsten alloy which provides excellent resistance to pitting, stress corrosion cracking and crevice corrosion.

Alloy c22 reducing flange has high chromium content which provide good oxidizing media resistance while molybdenum and tungsten content provide reducing media resistance.

Hastelloy c22 slip on flange Characteristic

  • It has excellent oxidizing aqueous media resistance and weldability
  • It has exceptional resistance to wide variety of chemical process condition including strong oxidizers such as acetic anhydride, ferric acids and seawater and brine solutions
  • It offers outstanding resistance to both reducing and oxidizing media
  • It is resistant to pitting, crevice corrosion and stress corrosion cracking
  • It resists formation of grain-boundary precipitates in weld heat-affected zone

What is the service temperature for UNS N06022 blind flange?

In order to increase tensile strength and hardness of UNS N06022 blind flange is aged at the range of 510 to 1038°C.

Is Hastelloy c22 plate flange magnetic?

Based on nickel with chromium 22% it is completely austenitic. This means that Alloy C22 flanges is non-magnetic.

Is c22 Hastelloy threaded flange compatible with HCl?

c22 Hastelloy threaded flange provide excellent corrosion resistance in wet HCl gas even at high temperature.

What is the cutting speed of UNS N06022 blind flange?

The cutting speed of Ni C22 flange is 30-50 sfm, 0.004-0.008 in. feed, 0.150 in cut depth.

What is the modulus of elasticity of Nickel c22 forged flange?

44.8 microhm-in is the modulus of elasticity of Hastelloy C22 flanges.

What is the base material of DIN 2.4602 socket weld flange?

DIN 2.4602 socket weld flange contain chemical elements such as chromium and molybdenum. Which help it to provide corrosion-resistant and it is highly temperature resistance. It is one of the grade of which is highly utilize for oil and gas industry.

What are the benefits of alloy c22 lap joint flange?

It has several benefit of using it some of it are its resistance to stress corrosion cracking, pitting and great abilities. It is has the capability of flourishing in durable applications where other alloys intend to battle.

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