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Alloy B3 is in the group of supperalloys that are called the Hastelloy which are made up of nickel, chromium and molybdenum. There are other elements to increase the mechanical properties of the alloy. The Hastelloy B3 has some limitations compared to the other members of the Hastelloy family. It has less resistance to oxidizing agents. So it could not be used with ferric salts or cupric salts because they can cause premature corrosion due to the poor corrosion resistance against oxidizing media. Also, it is not recommended to be used in environments with ferrite or cupric piping where hydrochloric acids might be in circulation. The acid will form ferric and cupric salts and the salts in turn can corrode the alloy B3. The Hastelloy B3 UNS N010675 however has a superior thermal stability compared to the alloy B2. It has high corrosion resistance against reducing media. It is also resistant to knife lines. It can withstand the attack of most organic and inorganic media; it has better performance in reducing or non-oxidizing media. DIN 2.4600 material is produced in wires, fittings, pipes, bars, plates and sheets. It is used in different applications and is sold in different prices. We can provide with the full Hastelloy B3 price list upon contact. The Hastelloy B3 density is 9.22 grams per centimeter cube. There are different standards and pressure ratings for different products made from the material. The Hastelloy B3 suppliers stock and sell the different materials according to the need of the applications. The Hastelloy B3 chemical composition has a minimum of 65% Nickel, 28% molybdenum and iron, carbon, cobolt, manganese, chromium, silicon, titanium, tungsten, aluminum and copper in it. The composition brings the mechanical properties of the alloy. The other variations of Hastelloy might also be used as Hastelloy B3 equivalent products in conditions where the application requirements are not too sensitive.

Hastelloy B3 Products

Hastelloy B3 Pipe, Tube, Sheet and Plate, Round Bar, fasteners

Hastelloy Alloy B3 price per kg

Price US $58/Kg

Hastelloy Alloy B3 ASTM Standard

Smls Pipes
Welded Pipes
Smls Tubing
Welded Tubing
Sheets / Plates
Bars / Rods
Forged Products
Pipe Fitting
B619 B622 B626 B575 B574 B564 B366

Specification of Hastelloy B3

HASTELLOY® B-3® alloy
(N10675, W80675)
Plates, Sheet & Strips SB 333/B 333
P= 44
Bars, Billet, Rods SB 335/B 335
P= 44
Coated Electrode SFA 5.11/ A5.11 (ENiMo-10)
F= 44
Bare Welding Rod and Wires SFA 5.14/ A5.14 (ERNiMo-10)
F= 44
Pipes & Tubing - Seamless SB 622/B 622
P= 44
Pipes & Tubing -Welded SB 619/B 619
P= 44
Pipe Fittings SB 366/B 366
P= 44
Forging Products SB 564/B 564
P= 44
DIN Werkstoffblatt 517
Kennblatt 7615.00
Kennblatt 7616.00
Kennblatt 7617.00
TÜV 17744 No. 2.4600 NiMo29Cr
Other Stanard -

Hastelloy Alloy B3 Applications & Uses

  • Sea-water applications
  • Jet Engine Components
  • Commercial Gas Turbines engines
  • Food Processing
  • Chemical Processing
  • Ads Cryogenic Storage Vessels Tanks
  • Power plants
  • Nuclear and breeder reactors
  • Gas turbines manufacturer

Hastelloy B3 Composition Chart

Ni - Nickel Mn C Ti Cr Mo Si Fe S Cu
65.0 min 3.0 max .01 max .2 max 1.5max 28.5 .10 max 15 .03 max .20 max

Properties of Hastelloy Alloy B3

Melting Point

1370 °C (2500 °F)

Other Relevant Grades

Hastelloy B-3, UNS N010675, Alloy B-3, WNR 2.4600

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