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Hastelloy Alloy B2

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Alloy B2 is a highly resistant material to most organic and inorganic acids. It is a reduction resistant material. It is resistant to even acetic acids, phosphoric acids, sulfuric acids and hydrogen chloride gas. The alloy is a part of high performance nickel chromium molybdenum supperalloys. These have the advantage of nickel and molybdenum providing resistance against the most reducing environments. The oxidation resistance is also high in these materials due to the addition of the chromium content. Hastelloy B2 UNS N10665 however could be used with care in systems which contain copper or iron as a mixture in the oxidizing or reducing media; especially hydrochloric acid. It is easy to weld and can be used as is after welding. The formation of carbide precipitation at the welded joints is less and therefore the heat affected zone is not affected through intergranular corrosion. So the DIN 2.4617 material is resistant to uniform corrosion as well as localized corrosion even after welding. It has very good resistance against stress corrosion cracking and pitting crevice corrosion attack as well. The Hastelloy B2 price varies from supplier to supplier and we offer a competitive price. The Hastelloy B2 density is 9.2 grams per centimeter cube. It has a high yield strength and could be used under high temperatures and pressures. The Hastelloy B2 suppliers produce the material in various forms and shapes. It is sold in bars, plates, sheets, pipes, pipe fittings and other custom manufactured products. The Hastelloy B2 chemical composition contains nickel, molybdenum, iron, chromium, carbon, silicon and manganese in its composition. The applications include chemical industrial applications where inert gases and vacuums are involved. It is used in chemical procedures where aluminum chloride catalysts are used. The Hastelloy B2 equivalent materials such as the C22 or C276 alloys could also be used in place of this material if a replacement is needed.

Hastelloy B2 Products

Hastelloy B2 Pipe, Tube, Sheet and Plate, Round Bar, fasteners

Hastelloy Alloy B2 price per kg

Alloy B2 Price US $57/Kg

Hastelloy Alloy B2 ASTM Standard

Seamless Pipes Seamless Tubing Welded Pipes Welded Tubing Bars Sheet/Plates Forging Products Butt weld Pipe Fittings
B622 B622 B626 B619 B333 B335 B564 B366

Specification of Hastelloy B2

  • UNS Number N010665
  • Other name: Alloy B-2
  • WNR 2.4617

Hastelloy Alloy B2 Applications & Uses

  • Chemical processes
  • Vacuum furnaces
  • Expansion bellows
  • Nuclear fuel processing
  • Power generation
  • Nuclear reactors
  • Industrial equipment
  • Commercial Gas Turbines

Hastelloy B2 Chemical Composition Table

Ni Mo Co Fe C P Cr Mn Si S
Balance 26.0-30.0 1.0 max 2.0 max .02 max .040 max 1.0 max 1.0 max .10 max .030 max

Properties of Hastelloy Alloy B2

Product .2% Yield Min. (ksi) Tensile Min. (ksi) Elongation Min.
Bar / Rods 51 110 40
Plate / Sheet 51 110 40
Pipe (welded) 51 110 40
Pipe (SMLS) 45 110 40

Other Relevant Grades

Hastelloy B-2, UNS N010665, Alloy B2

A solid solution strengthened, nickel-molybdenum alloy

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