EN 10149-2 S355MC Steel Plate

EN 10149-2 S355MC Steel Plate

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s355mc material is under EN 10149-2 standard it is a low carbon alloy steel. It is widely used in vehicles, bridges, ships, buildings, pressure vessels, etc. EN 10149-2 S355MC Plateshas excellent mechanical properties and widely application.

S355MC EN 10149-2 STEEL PLATES is the European Standard for hot-rolled flat products made of high yield strength thermo-mechanically rolled steels for cold forming. It is encompassed by this specification have minimum yield strengths ranging from 315 MPa to 460 MPa for thicknesses ranging from 1.5 mm up to 20 mm. 

EN 10149-2 S355MC ABRASION RESISTANT STEEL PLATES is a high-carbon alloy steel plate, which signifies that abrasion resistant is formable and weather-resistant due to the added alloys, and harder due to the addition of carbon.

EN 10149-2 S355MC PRESSURE VESSEL STEEL PLATES are used for pressure vessels, heat exchangers, boilers and any other vessels and tanks that to store liquid or gas at high pressures.

EN 10149-2 S355MC OFFSHORE STEEL PLATES contains chemical elements that resist corrosion, decrease brittleness especially in cold temperature.

EN 10149-2 S355MC STRUCTURAL STEEL PLATES is a kind of automotive structural steel for forming performance of the automobile wheels, frame and other automobile components. It is a hot-rolled flat product with high yield strength. If offers excellent bending, flanging, cold-bordering and folding properties in both longitudinal and transverse direction.

EN 10149-2 S355MC YIELD STEEL PLATES specification also covers steel grades having minimum yield strengths of 500 to 700 MPa in thicknesses of 1.5 to 16 mm.

EN 10149-2 S355MC SHEETS material number is 1.0976 and theequivalent grades of S355MC are UNI8890 FeE355TM, SEW092 QStE 380TM, ASTM 050XLK, NFA36-231 E355D.

DIN 1.0976 HIGH TENSILE STEEL PLATES has excellent features like longer service life, rigid construction, dimensional accuracy, corrosion resistance, perfect finish, consistency, application precise design, perfect finish and more.

DIN 1.0976 SHEETS is been made our by high quality steel by our specialised quality team and it is available in various specifications and sizes.  

EN 10149-2 S355MC STEEL PLATES is mainly used as high yield strength steels for cold-forming steels. Its fields of application consists the manufacture of cold-rolled sections, longitudinal beams, structural pipes, frames and cold-pressed parts.

S355MC EN 10149-2 PLATES is fine grain steel which has good cold formability. It is used for good cold forming performance and have higher or high strength requirements of automobile girders, beams and other automobile components.

EN 10149-2 S355MC Plates Specification List

Item Structural Steel Plate - EN 10149-2 / WNR. 1.0976
Standard ASTM, ASME and API
Size 0.5 MM TO 200 MM THICK IN 1000 MM TO 2500 MM WIDTH & 2500 MM TO 12500 MM LENGTH
Hardness Soft, Hard, Half Hard, Quarter Hard, Spring Hard etc.
Grade EN 10149-2 S355MC DIN 1.0976
DIMENSIONS T: 1.8 – 16 mm, W: Up to 1860 mm, L: Up to 16000 mm
Surface and edge condition 355MC is available with non-pickled or pickled surface with mill or cut edge.
Applications Cold pressed parts for all type of vehicles, industrial tanks, containers and agricultural equipment.
Thickness range S355MC
Width range 750 – 2070mm (grade specific)
Surface treatment Hot rolled dry, pickled & oiled

S355MC Alloy Steel Sheet Price List

Type Description USA FOB Price Malaysia FOB Price Europe FOB Price Singapore FOB Price Saudi Arabia (KSA) FOB Price
    Unit Per mtr Unit Per mtr Unit Per mtr Unit Per mtr Unit Per mtr
15mo3 PLATES Size : 8mm x 1250 x 5000 US $ 1.78 Malaysia Ringgit 7.24 Euro 1.50 Singapore Dollar 2.39 Saudi Riyal 6.68

List Of DIN 1.0976 pressure vessel steel plate Types

En 10149-2 S355mc Plates
En 10149-2 S355mc Abrasion Resistant Steel Plates
S355mc En 10149-2 Steel Plates
En 10149-2 S355mc Yield Steel Plates
En 10149-2 S355mc Sheets
En 10149-2 Hot Rolled S355mc Steel Plates

Chemical Compatibility of S355mc En 10149-2 Steel Plates

Grade C Si Mn P S Al Nb V Ti
S355MC 0,12 max 0,50 max 1.5 max 0.025 max 0.02 0.015 0.09 0.2 0.15

En 10149-2 S355mc Sheets Mechanical Properties Chart

Grade ReH-Minimun yield strength(Mpa) ReH-Minimun yield strength(Mpa) ReH-Minimun yield strength(Mpa) Nominal thickness(mm) A-Minimum elongation  Lo=Lo=80mm(%)
EN 10149-2 S355MC 355 355 355 to3 19

S355MC Material Equivalent

Grade S355MC EN 10149-2
Material #: 1.0976
Comparison of steel grades
EN 10149-2 S355MC SEW092 QStE 380TM
NFA36-231 E355D
UNI8890 FeE355TM
S355MC Gr.50 QStE360TM SPFH540 E355D
FeE355TM AE390HC 2642 FeE355
W. Nr. France
1.0976 E355D HR 43 F 35

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