DIN 1629 ST 52 Seamless Steel Pipe

DIN 1629 ST 52 Seamless Steel pipe

ASTM A210 ST 35 Hot Rolled Pipe, and DIN 1629 ST37 Cold Drawn Tube supplier in India

Manufacturer and supplier of DIN 1629 ST 35 Bared or painted carbon steel pipe

Aesteiron Steels LLP is can supplies DIN1629 steel from the reputed steel manufacturers. And also offer steel fabrication service where it can go through processing like cutting in any size and any shape, welding, drilling, milling, machining as per the customers requirement.
DIN 1629 is made up of unalloyed steel, and it can be manufactured with no limiting working pressure values. Its main grades are DIN 1629 ST 35, DIN 1629 ST 52, and DIN 1629 ST37.
DIN 1629 ST 35 can be manufactured from either electric steel or from basic oxygen steel.
DIN 2391 ST 37 can be processed as hot rolled, cold rolled, cutting, grinding, machining and forming operations. It has high impact strength due to which it can be used under high impact prone outdoor applications as well. 
DIN 1629 ST 52 is a low-cost Low Carbon Steel Tubes with max 022 % carbon content easy to form and shape. It is suitable for gas fusion welding, arc welding, flash butt welding, electric pressure welding and gas pressure welding .  DIN 1629 part 3 is not only hard, but it also has high tensile properties, which is expected for structural components. It has good weldability properties with its pre-existing chemistry.  

DIN 1629 standard specifies the seamless circular tubes of non alloys steels with special quality requirements. Its application fields are vessels, chemical plant, pipework construction and for common mechanical engineering purposes. 

Standard Specification Of DIN 1629 ST 52 Pipe

Supplier and exporter of 42mm-1200mm DIN 1629 part 3 galvanized Pipe for low & medium pressure boilers

  • OD: 42mm-1200mm
  • WT: 4mm-100mm
  • Length: 4m-12m or as required
  • Application:  Pipeline steel pipe, vessel steel pipe, fluid pipe for low&medium pressure boiler
  • Supplementary Technology:  Tensile test, flattening test, leak tightness test, surface inspection, product analysis. Beveled end, plain end, varnished, or adding plastic caps as per customer’s requirements
  • Surface:  Bared or painted, galvanized or with oiled or client option.
  • Delivery state:  Hot Rolled, Cold Drawn
  • Steel Grade:  St37, St44, St52

DIN 1629 ST 35 Seamless Steel pipe Price List

Frequently Used ASTM A210 ST 35 Hot Rolled Pipe Types

EN10216-1 DIN 1629 standard fluid pipe manufacturer in India, check DIN1629-P235TR1 Steel Tube price list ex Mumbai and equivalent astm
DIN 1629 ST 52 Pipe
DIN 1629 Seamless Steel pipe
DIN 1629 ST37 Cold Drawn Tube
DIN 1629 ST 35 galvanized Pipe
DIN 1629 ST37 painted carbon steel pipe
DIN 1629 part 3 Steel Tube

DIN 1629 ST37 Cold Drawn Tube Chemical Composition Chart

C, %
Si, %
Mn, %
P, %
S, %
0.22 max
0.55 max
1.60 max
0.040 max
0.035 max

DIN1629-P235TR1 Steel Tube Mechanical Strength

Tensile Strength , MPa
Yield Strength, MPa
Elongation, %
355 min
21 min

Tolerance Chart of DIN 1629 vessel steel pipe

DIN 1629 vessel steel pipe supplier and exporter in India, buy in custom sizes, schedule pipe chart in mm
Outside Diameter, mm
Tolerance, %

Thickness of EN10216-1 DIN 1629 Pipe

Outside Diameter , mm
Wall Thickness, mm
Tolerance, %
WT≤2*S(DIN 2448)
2*S(DIN 2448)<WT≤4*S(DIN 2448)
WT>4*S(DIN 2448)

Elevated temperature of DIN 1629 ST 52 Seamless Steel pipe

Steel Grade Yield stress value by working temperature(Thickness increasing)
50℃ 200℃ 250℃ 300℃
St 37 235-215 185-170 165-150 140-130
St 44 275-255 215-200 195-180 165-155
St 52 355-335 248-230 225-210 195-185

DIN 1629 ST 52 Seamless Steel pipe manufacturers in India

DIN 1629 ST37Cold Drawn Tube manufacturer

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