Corten Steel Plate

Corten Steel Plate

ASTM A588 Grade B weathering steel sheet and SA 588 grade a corten steel plate supplier in India

Check 3mm corten steel sheet price per kg ex Mumbai, Saudi Aramco approved astm a242 corten plate and astm a588 Steel material suppliers in India

We Aesteiron Steels LLP are corten steel sheet suppliers, it is been fabricated by using high quality material and we constantly work to improve the fabrication process in order to furnish a high class product. 
Corten Steel Plates is weather resistant steel which could more specifically term as an "Atmospheric Corrosion Resistant Steel"
Corten Steel Sheet is copper chromium alloy steel. It displays a greater level of resistance to atmospheric weathering as compared to other unalloyed steels. When it is exposed to the elements it's chemical composition promotes the early formation of an adhering protective layer of rust.

astm a588 Steel is a high strength low-alloy structural steel with improved atmospheric corrosion resistance for structural steel shapes such as angles, channel and beams, as well as steel plate and bars. It has minimum yield strength of 50ksi and a minimum.                             
astm a242 corten plate atmospheric corrosion resistance is substantially better than that of carbon steels such as A36 and A572-50 with or without copper addition. When properly exposed to the atmosphere, A242 is suitable for many applications in the unpainted condition.
astm a588 weathering steel sheet is intended primarily for use in welded bridges and other structures where savings in weight or added durability is important along with the longer life cycle due to its corrosion resistant properties.

astm a588 grade a weathering steel plate has 345Mpa minimum yield point to 100mm thickness. It is suitable for many applications in the bare condition when it is properly exposed to the atmosphere. It has been designed to provide a high resistance to atmospheric corrosion, especially in urban environment.                                  
corten b steel is a weather resistant steel is better suitable for load bearing and heavy structures. It has been designed to provide a high resistance to atmospheric corrosion, especial in urban environment. 
a588 grade a can be delivered in a condition such as hot rolled, cold rolled, normalized, quenched, tempering, thermal mechanical control process (TMCP), HIC test. Density of 3mm corten steel sheet is 7.85 g/cm3, or 23.55 kg per square meter of material.

Corten Steel Plates Price List

Type Description USA FOB Price Malaysia FOB Price Europe FOB Price Singapore FOB Price Saudi Arabia (KSA) FOB Price
    Unit Per mtr Unit Per mtr Unit Per mtr Unit Per mtr Unit Per mtr
Corten steel Plate Size : 6mm x 1250 x 6000 US $ 1.15 Malaysia Ringgit 4.68 Euro 0.97 Singapore Dollar 1.54 Saudi Riyal 4.31

Astm A242 Corten Plate Material Specification Chart

Forms steel plates, sheet, mild steel sheet, carbon steel Plates
ASTM Standard ASTM A588, ASTM A242
Material Chart Corten A ,Corten B , S355J0WP ,S355J0W, S355J2W , A588 Grade A, B, C , A242 Type 1 , SA588 Gr A, B, C
Thickness in Milimeter 0.3-500 milimeter
Width 10-3500 milimeter
Length in meter 2,2.44,3,6,8,12 meter,or rolled,etc
Surface PE coated, Black painted, anti rust varnished, Galvanized, color coated anti rust oiled, checkered,etc

Frequently Used 3mm Corten Steel Sheet Types

Corten Steel Plates
Corten Steel Sheet
astm a588 Steel
astm a242 corten plate
astm a588 weathering steel sheet
astm a588 grade a weathering steel plate

Corten Steel Sheet Chemical Structure

Corten – A Plates
ASTM 588 GR A ASTM 242 TYPE -1 IRSM 41 -97
Carbon, Max 0.12 0.19 0.15 0.10
Manganese 0.20-50 0.80-1.25 1.00 0.25-0.45
Phosphorus 0.07-0.15 0.04 0.15 0.07-0.11
Sulphur, max 0.030 0.05 0.05 0.030
Silicon 0.25-0.75 0.30-0.65 0.25-0.40 0.28-0.72
Nickel, max 0.65 0.40 0.20-0.49
Chromium 0.50-1.25 0.40-065 0.30-0.50
Molybdenum, max
Copper 0.25-0.55 0.25-0.40 0.20 min 0.30-0.39
Vanadium 0.02-0.10 0.050
Aluminimum 0.030

Astm A588 Steel Plate Mechanical Characteristics

Tensile Strength Min. Yield Point Elongation
COR-TEN A [470 – 630 MPa] [355 MPa] 20 % min
ASTM 588 GR. A [485 MPa] [345 MPa] 21% min
ASTM 242 TYPE -1 [480 MPa] [345 MPa] 16% min

Equivalent Grades of Astm A588 Weathering Steel Sheet

Material # EN 10155 SEW 087 NFA 35-502 UNI BS 4360 ASTM
JIS G3114
1.8961 S235J2W WTSt 37-3 E 24 W 4 Fe 360 DK 1 - - -
1.8945 S355J0WP E 36 WA 3 Fe 510 C1K1 WR 50 A - - -
1.8946 S355J2WP - E 36 WA 4 Fe 510 D1K1 - A 242 Type 1 -
1.8959 S355J0W - E 36 WB 3 Fe 510 C2K1 WR 50 B A 588 – A 242 Gr. 1 SMA 50 AW
1.8963 S355J2G1W WTSt 52-3 - Fe 510 D2K1 WR 50 C A 588 Gr. A to
1.8965 S355J2G2W - - - - - SMA 50 CP
1.8966 S355K2G1W - E 36 WB 4 - - A 709 Gr. 50 W -
1.8967 S355K2G2W - - - - - -

Astm A242 Corten Plate Standards

ASTM A588 GR A, ASTM A-588 GR A, ASTM A 588 GR-A
ASTM A588 GR B, ASTM A-588 GR B, ASTM A 588 GR-B
ASTM A588 GR C, ASTM A-588 GR C, ASTM A 588 GR-C
ASTM A242 Type 1, ASTM A-242 Type 1, ASTM A242 Type-1
S355JOWP EN 10025-5, S355 JOWP EN-10025-5, S355JOWP EN10025-5,
S355JOWP+N EN 10025-5, S355 JOWP+N EN-10025-5, S355JOWP+N EN10025-5
S355J2W EN 10025-5, S355 J2W EN-10025-5, S355J2W EN10025-5
S355J2W+N EN 10025-5, S355 J2W+N EN-10025-5, S355J2W+N EN10025-5
S355J2G1W EN 10155, S355 J2G1W EN-10155, S355J2G1W EN10155
S355K2G1W EN 10155, S355 K2G1W EN-10155, S355K2G1W EN10155
S355J2G2W EN 10155, S355 J2G2W EN-10155, S355J2G2W EN10155
S355K2G2W EN 10155, S355 K2G2W EN-10155, S355J2G2W EN10155
JIS G3125 SPA-H, JIS:G3125-SPA-H, JIS G3125 SPAH, G3125-SPA-H, JIS-G3125-SPAH

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