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Copper Alloy is a material mixture of primarily copper and other elements in smaller quantities. There are different types of copper alloys. The Copper Alloy types can be categorized as copper alloys, brass, phosphor bronze, aluminium bronze, silicon bronze, cupronickel and nickel silver alloys as well. The categorization is based on the Copper Alloy composition. Zinc is the major addition in brass, Tin in phosphor bronze, aluminum in aluminum bronzes, silicon in silicon bronzes and nickel in nickel silvers and cupronickel alloys. The Copper Alloy density differs from category to category. They are all used in different capacities and applications. The applications of the alloys include in the manufacturing of wires and cables, electronics and related devices, folk medicine, speculative investing, antimicrobial applications, architecture and in electric motors as well. The Copper Alloy properties include high corrosion resistance, high thermal conductivity and high electric conductivity. Some of them are annealed, some cold drawn, cold rolled, spring tempered, annealed solution treated and cast. The differences in the making in each different alloy are governed by Copper Alloy standards. There are different grades in different categories. For example the beryllium copper is annealed solution treated and has 45% elongation. The Copper Alloy specifications differ from grade to grade and from standard to standard. The beryllium alloy for example is used in electrical valves and pumps, mold making, robotic welding, oilfield tools and in aerospace landing gears. The Copper Alloy suppliers sell copper alloys of different grades and standards for different applications. There are specific alloys that are used in specific applications as well. The gilding metal ASTM B36 for example is used for making coins and bullet jackets. The prices are given in per kg measures. We can provide any customers with a fully comprehensive Copper Alloy price per kg upon request.

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Cu Alloy price per kg

Price US $6/Kg

Types of Copper & Copper Alloys

  • Brass
  • Bronze alloys
  • Gunmetals
  • Copper Nickel
  • Nickel silver alloys
  • Beryllium-copper

Cu Alloy ASTM Standard


Specification of Copper

Oxygen Free Copper Alloys (OFHC & OFE)

  OFHC Copper material ETP Copper ( IS 1897)
Oxygen (.001%) less than 10 ppm of oxygen (.015-.04% oxygen) 150 - 400 ppm oxygen.
Electrical / thermal conductivity 100% Minimum IACS Conductivity may vary on processing semis.Min 99.99% IACS Conductivity
Bending test Passes close bending test not applicable
Thermal cycle behavior Its Better Poor behavior
Brazed & welded joint Consistency May lead to inconsistent
Suitable in high vacuum devices It is Suitable Unsuitable

Cu Alloy Applications & Uses

  • Roofing / Cladding and Rainwater system
  • To increase temperature
  • Water pipes and piping connections
  • Chemical, Oil and gas pipeline system
  • Electrical cabling works

Copper Composition

BS / EN Available forms EQUIVALENTS BS (OLD)
1057 Seamles tubing round 2871 Pt1
12449 Seamles tubing round 2871 Pt2
12450 Seamless capillary tubing
12451 Seamles tubing round 2871 Pt3
12452 Rolled and seamless finned tubing -
12735 Seamles tubing round Part 1 / 2 -
13348 Seamles tubing round -
13349 Pre-insulated tube -
13600 Seamless copper tubing 1977

Properties of Cu Alloy

Melting Point: Pure Copper is 1083ºC.

Copper and copper alloys

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