Copper Nickel Pipe

Copper Nickel Pipe

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Copper Nickel Pipe is a metal pipe made up of copper nickel alloy. The copper nickel alloys contain copper and nickel and in addition some iron and manganese for strength. There are different grades in the cupronickel material. There are pure copper variations and there are alloyed ones. The Class 200 Cuni Pipes are a 90/10 copper grade. It is highly electrically conductive and thermally conductive. It is resistant to ammonia in seawater and is resistant to acidic conditions. The Cupro Nickel Seamless Pipes are made through cold drawing procedures and it has higher dimensional precision. The copper material is highly ductile. It could be bent without the need for special tools. Copper in its pure form is not strong enough like the other alloy metals. Therefore the Copper Nickel Alloy Pipes includes material such as iron and manganese for additional strength. There are different pressure classes of copper that are used in calculation for the need of the correct grade. The Schedule 40 Copper Nickel Pipes can withstand mild pressures whereas the Schedule 80 Copper Nickel Pipes can withstand high pressure environments.

The usage is mostly in boilers, heat exchangers and condensers because of the high thermal conductivity of Class 200 Copper Nickel Pipes. The Cupro Nickel Pipes can be welded with ease and they are good at pitting resistance. For this reason, the copper pipes could be used in underground water lines. Cunifer Pipes are also resistant to biofouling or the accumulation of organisms on it. For this reason copper is used in the hulls of boats to avoid cluttering of aquatic organisms on the hull. There are different standards such as the ASTM B466 pipes which abide by the diameter and wall thickness measurements. There are special numbers such as the DIN 86019 pipes which denote the wall thickness of the pipes under different diameters.

Copper Nickel Pipe

Copper Nickel Pipe Price

  • Seamless Copper Nickel pipes
    FOB Price US $20 - US $35/ Kilogram

Copper Nickel Pipe Specifications

Analysis Specification ASTM B 466 ASME SB 466 / ASTM B 467 ASME SB 467
Size Range 1/2- 6" IN OD & NB IN custom SWG & SCH
Common types Seamless / ERW / Welded / Fabricated
Manufacturing Range Round, Hydraulic Etc
End Type Abbreviations Treaded Both Ends, Plain One End, Plain Both Ends, Bevel small end, Beveled end, Treaded One End, Bevel both ends, Bevel one end, Beveled One End, Bevel large end

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Copper Nickel Alloy Pipes
FOB Price US $20 - US $35/ Kilogram
Thick Walled seamless copper-nickel pipes
FOB Price US $10 - US $3,000/ Kilogram
Copper Nickel Seamless Pipes
FOB Price US $6.79 - US $6.87 / Meter
Copper Nickel Tube For Heat Exchanger
FOB Price US $8.90 - US $9.50 / Kilogram
copper Nickel pancake pipes
FOB Price US $6.50 - US $7/ Kilograms
20MM Corrosion Resistant Copper Nickel Pipes for Condenser
FOB Price US $6.60 - US $7.20 / Kilograms
Small Diameter Copper Nickel Pipes
FOB Price US $5 - US $12/ Kilogram
Seamless Copper Nickel pipes
FOB Price US $1,000 - US $3,000/ Ton

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Class 200 Copper Nickel Pipe (ASTM B466, DIN 86019, MIL-T-16420K)