Chromoly Steel Plate

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Chromoly Steel Plate
Chromoly Sheet
Chrome Molybdenum Steel Plate

Chrome Moly steel plate is made from chromium and molybdenum alloy. It is utilize for several industries and their applications. The below are the thorough details of its features, advantages and applications of it.

Chromoly Sheet Applications

Its high temperature and corrosion resistance properties make it is desirable for industries such as oil and gas, construction, and nuclear industries.

Manufacturers highly choose this material for manufacturing of buildings as it gives high resistance against high temperature which lower the risk of building collapsing due fire.

In oil and gas industries it is utilize for several ways. Its resistance over saline water makes it highly advantageous for offshore oilfield, which ensures that the structures are safe and lasting life without any demand of repair.

It is even utilize for furnaces due to heat resistance and high weldability properties.

AISI 4130 Chrome Moly Steel Sheet Features and Advantages

It has several advantages due to its unique mechanical properties. Below given are the key benefits of it.

  • It is known for its outstanding strength-to-weight ratio which gives high tensile and yield strength which makes it useful for enduring applications.
  • Its chromium and molybdenum enhances the toughness and ductility of product which gives resistance against impact pressure without cracking. The chromium content even offers good oxidation and corrosion resistance, which helps to increase the life of steel in various condition including harmful and abrasive environment.
  • It sustains its strength and durability even at higher temperature which makes it applicable to be used in higher heat applications.
  • It provides superior resistance to wear and abrasion which increases the durability of product made from chromoly steel plate.
  • It sustains its good machining properties in spite of its high strength. This gives easier fabrication and shaping of several shapes and sizes.
  • It has exceptional fatigue strength, which makes it appropriate for applications which are treated to continuous loading and vigorous pressure.
  •  It is widely utilize for various applications due to their combination of strength, hardness and resistance properties.

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Chromoly Steel Plate Material Specification Chart

Alloy Steel 4340 Plate and 8740 chromoly steel sheets as per EN 10028-3 & ASTM/ ASME A387

Trade Name Chrome Molybdenum steel, Chromemoly
Thickness up to 100mm
Width up to 2500mm
Length 1200 Meters, Custom Cut Lengths
  • ASTM A829 grade 4130
  • ASTM A829 Grade 4140
  • ASTM/ ASME SA/ A 387 - Gr.11 Cl.2, Gr.5 Cl. 2, Gr.22 Cl.2, Gr.12 Cl.2
  • BS EN 10028-2 - 13 CrMo Si 5-5, 16Mo3, 10 CrMo 9-10, 13 CrMo 4-5
  • BS 1501 2 / BS 1501 621B/ BS 1501 620B
  • AMS 6345 Plate/ Sheet (Normalised)
  • AMS 6351: Plate/ Sheet (spheroidised)
  • AMS 6350: Plate/ Sheet (Annealed)

Various types of 4130 Chromoly Steel Sheet

Wide stock of Chrome moly alloy Normalized Steel Plate in thickness.025", .190” and more

Chrome Moly Steel Plate
Chromoly Plate
AISI 4130 chromoly Steel Sheet
Hot rolled Steel 4130 4140 Chromoly plate
AISI 4130 Chromoly Color Coated Coil
5mm 4130 chromoly alloy plates and sheet
Chromoly Sheet
4130 Chromoly Steel Plate
Chrome Molybdenum Coil
4140 Chrome Moly Steel Circle

Chromoly Grades

Stockist, distributor and supplier of chrome molybdenum plate for petrochemical reactors

1/2Cr-1/2Mo Steel
1/2Cr-1/2Mo-1 Steel
3/4Cr-1 Mo-3/4NI Steel
1Cr-1/2Mo Steel
1Cr-1 Mo-Vd Steel
1-1/4Cr-1/2Mo Steel
1-1/4Cr-1/2Mo-Vd Steel
2-1/4Cr-1/2Mo-Vd Steel
3Cr-1 Mo Steel
5Cr-1/2Mo Steel
5Cr-1/2Mo-Si Steel
7Cr-1/2Mo Steel
9Cr-1 Mo Steel
13Cr Steel

4130 Chromoly Sheet dimensions

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Dimensions & Sizes Plate Thickness Plate Heat Treatment
72" x 36" 00.025" Normalised & Annealed
72" x 36" 00.035" Normalised & Annealed
72" x 36" 00.040" Normalised & Annealed
72" x 36" 00.050" Normalised & Annealed
72" x 36" 00.063" Normalised & Annealed
72" x 36" 00.080" Normalised & Annealed
72" x 36" 00.090" Normalised & Annealed
72" x 36" 00.100" Normalised & Annealed
72" x 36" 00.125" Normalised & Annealed
72" x 36" 00.160" Normalised & Annealed
72" x 36" 00.190" Normalised & Annealed
72" x 36" 00.250" Normalised & Annealed
72" x 36" 00.375" Normalised & Annealed
72" x 36" 00.500" Nomalised

Equivalent material grade of SAE AISI 4130 Chromoly Steel Plates

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Origin USA Japan BS BS
Standards ASTM A29 JIS G4105 EN 10083/ EN 10250 BS 970
Grade 4130 SCM430 25CrMo4/1.7218 708A25/708M25

AISI 4130 Steel Plate Chemical Composition

Standard Grade Carbon Sulphur Manganese Phosphorus Chromium Silicon Molybdenum
ASTM A29 4130 (G41300) 00.28-0.33 00.040 00.40-0.60 00.035 00.80-1.10 00.15-0.35 00.15-0.25
EN 10250
/ EN 10083
00.22-0.29 00.035 00.60-0.90 00.025 00.90-1.2 ≦0.40 00.15-0.30
JIS G4105 SCM430/
00.28-0.33 00.030 00.60-0.85 00.030 00.90-1.2 00.15-0.35 00.15-0.30

Chromoly AISI 4130 material properties

Mechanical Properties



Tensile Yield Strength

435 MPa

63100 psi

Ultimate Tensile Strength

670 MPa

97200 psi

Modulus of Elasticity

205 GPa

29700 ksi

Rockwell B Hardness



Elongation at Break



Latest price of Chromoly Steel Plate

GB En ABS JIS Chromoly Steel Plate USA $800.00-$900.00/ Ton
aisi 4130 chromoly Steel Sheet USA $400.00-$500.00/ Metric Ton
Hot rolled Steel 4130 4140 Chromoly plate USA $550.00-$700.00/ Ton
AISI 4130 Chromoly Plate Price per kg USA $1.50-$10.00/ Kilogram
color coated steel coil and 4130 chromoly plate USA $550.00-$750.00/ Ton
CHROMOLY GRADE 4130 sheet/ plate USA $550.00-$700.00/ Ton
0.5mm 1050 chromoly plate and color coated coil USA $520.00-$620.00/ Ton
5mm 4130 chromoly alloy plates and sheet USA $395.00-$460.00/ Ton

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