SPFH590 Chemical Composition

SPFH590 chemical composition

Above given chemical composition of SPFH590 are the main elements available in it given with percentages. And the elements influence its mechanical properties. It is important to stick to specific composition standards for quality and performance surety otherwise it will not give you the desired feature or properties.

SPFH590 chemical composition


SPFH 590 mechanical properties

Yield Strength
Rp0.2 (MPa)
KV/Ku (J)
Tensile Strength
Rm (MPa)
Brinell hardness (HBW) Elongation
A (%)
854 (≥) 12 447 (≥) 421 43

JIS G 3134 SPFH590 plate mainly used for Automobile frames, Refer SPFH590 Steel Equivalent Material

This material is primarily used for automobile frames as it has high strength properties which gives strength to structural design and load-bearing capability. Its high strength helps to design lower-weight frames without losing the structural strength so overall the weight of the material will be less but strength will be higher. This makes it easy for the consumer who wants to make difficult frames designs for their applications.

SPFH590 steel equivalent

S420MC (1.0980) E420D SPFH590 HR50F45 Fe420TM Gr.60 FeE420 QStE420TM 2652

Thermal properties of S420MC material

Property Value
Coefficient of thermal expansion 1.32E-5 – 1.38E-5 1/K
Specific heat capacity 465 J/(kg·K)
Thermal conductivity 25 – 93 W/(m·K)

E420D Grade have excellent tensile strength, View Electrical properties of FeE420 material

Electrical properties is the range of how much the material can bear electric current and the range needs to be considered because if it is used beyond the range its consequence can affect performance and safety both.

Electrical properties of E420D grade

Electrical properties 1.43E-7 – 1.74E-7 Ω·m

DIN 1.0980 material have upto 0.5% silicon, Check Physical Properties of HR50F45

As you know, the modulus of elasticity refers to the material capability to resist damage under pressure by evaluating its hardness quality. And specific thermal capacity is the ratio of heat absorbed per unit mass of the material when its temperature rises to 1⁰C and its unit is called as J/(kg ⁰C).

Hence it is important for the engineers in order to ensure the precise load and stress of the material which it can bear, for safe structural designs, avoidance of early material and component failure.

JIS G 3134 SPFH590 Physical Properties

Modulus of elasticity
Specific thermal capacity
327 211
JIS G3134 grade SPFH590 exhibit good welding properties, Refer SPFH590 grade Density

The given density makes it appropriate for applications where both durability and weight proficiency are essential. The accurate density will ensure the engineers evaluate the load bearing capabilities made from SPFH590. And proper understanding of density will give you a cost estimation and material handling while manufacturing process.

DIN 1.0980 Density

Density 7.8 – 7.9 g/cm³

Material testing of JIS G3134 grade SPFH590

  • Impact Tests
  • Hardness Tests
  • Tensile Tests
  • Flexure Tests
  • Deformation Tests
  • Fatigue And Fracture Mechanics Tests

HR50F45 grade Surface Treatment

DIN 1.0980 pickling


DIN 1.0980 oiled


Check Heat Treatment of SPFH590 JIS G3134 material

The below give are the list of testing which are preferable to check the quality of SPFH590 material. Which can help you to decide which testing will be perfect to get the conclusion of your desired application.

  • Impact test is done to check toughness at different temperatures
  • Hardness test is done to check the wear resistance and surface strength
  • Tensile test is done to check the capacity to resist stretching forces
  • Flexure test is done to check bending of flexing which will give an idea of how much load it can bear without getting cracked
  • Deformation test is done to check the material ability to go through flexible deformation without failure
  • Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics Tests are done to check the structural integrity. It gives you a picture of crack initiation, crack growth and crack instability.

Steel grade SPFH 590 Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment 1198°C – 1875°C

Max service temperature of FeE420 material

Max service temperature 498°C

Melting point of S420MC material

Melting point 1480 – 1526 °C

JIS G 3134 SPFH590 Shear modulus and Poisson’s ratio

Shear modulus 82 GPa
Poisson’s ratio 0.29