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Hastelloy Vs Monel

Comparison between Hastelloy and Monel alloy

What is Monel?

Monel alloys are basically corrosion resistant to many chemical agents including constant flow of water, it is a precipitation hardened alloy which consists of alloying nickel, coper and other metals. Monel is available in various different forms and types for example pipes / tubes / plates / sheets / wire / bars etc.

Monel is also available in different grade and some of the widely used grades are Monel 400 Monel R-405, Monel r-450, Monel K 500.

The advantage to Monel is that its that its highly resistant to corrosion, even temperature resistant and exhibits good mechanical durability with exhaustion and mechanical strength, it is easy to manufacture.

Adaptability to work

Due to its adaptability to be used in various industries for various reason, it can resist hostile surrounding of attacking chemical, including high pressure and high temperature. On the other hand hastelloy B-2 is the opposite. Hence the adaptably of Hastelloy C22 has better choice, reason being it caters to a broader range of products and efficient in more hostile environments like Pharmaceuticals industries, chemical plants and pulp paper industries.

Exclusive composition of Alloy

Its composition is profoundly unique with alloys such as molybdenum, tungsten, chromium and nickel. These exclusive alloy properties transform the composition to an enhanced material suitable for resistance to corrosion at the same time having additional cost in the making due to more chemical properties added, hence compared to other grades of hastelloy such as B2, Hastelloy C22 is much costlier and more resistant proof.

Difficult process to manufacture

The manufacturing process of hastelloy C-22 has greater works involved as it involves alloying processes, teat treatment and casting that are more tedious and over seen through strict quality controls processes as compared to other grades of hastelloys. Hence this composition gives it a superior status among other alloys and costly pricing in the market.

Monel alloy consist of copper-nickel alloys, this composition is well known for its rust resistance and strength abilities, the material has an outstanding qualities but from a cost prospective view it’s much higher than other grades, the reasons are mentioned below.

Exclusive composition of alloy

Monel 400 composition contains 28 to 34% of copper and 63% of nickel with certain portions of carbon, iron, silicon, manganese alloys, its 63% if nickel is the reason of high cost. On the other hand monel 495 is of a similar grade with similar composition but the presence of sulphur is greater hence it affects the cost due to its implications and material properties.

Difficult process of manufacturing

Monel 400 is processed under stick processing standards to bring about its desired properties this process is relevant where high corrosion is intense to achieve. That’s the reason the production cost jumps, on the other hand Monel 405 is easier to process manually compared to Monel 400.

Adaptability to work

Monel 400 is widely used due to its performance rating in difficult conditions, on the other hand Monel 405 is preferred for high strength applications and used in specific needs, hence this characteristics of monel 400 adapts well in any condition making its price costlier compared to monel 405.

Application and demand

Monel 400 has a tremendous demand owing its importance to its corrosion resistance features under several environment conditions such as hazardous chemical plants, marine industries, and critical working manufacturing units hence the costing of material jumps to a higher cost. On the other hand Monel 405 is use in processes where more complicated shapes are manufactured, hence its demand is not higher as monel 400.

Which grade is most suitable for Sulfuric Acid Environment Equipment among Hastelloy & Monel and why?

Hastelloy C22 is a widely used grade and is preferable used for sulphuric acid equipment’s working environments due to its required consistency. It has exceptional properties preventing rust to material and equipment on account of sulphuric acid. Its alloys composition includes high oxidation that’s makes it workable under most temperatures and concentrations. Hence its resistance is commendable towards corrosion and cracking, this is the primary reason for its usage in sulphuric acid.

Monel 400 is widely used grade due to its high demand to work in sulphur acid environments, its main purpose is to store and transport sulphuric acids with a concentration of up to 80% sulfuric acid. The primary composition of monel is nickel, due to the huge contents of nickel the resistance is exceedingly commendable.

In which condition Hastelloy X products must be used instead of Alloy C276

Hastelloy X Hastelloy C276 have their characteristic and compositions suiting their precise requirements in usage.

Hastelloy C276 has its importance through its excellent properties to resist corrosion in series of corrosive conditions. You can find it being used in pollution management, paper and pulp manufacturing units, waste management, and most widely in chemical plants.

Hastelloy X gives super strength since its oxidation resistance and working under high temperatures, whereas hastelloy C276 will differ in performance.

Difference between Hastelloy and Monel Alloy in temperatures and thermal conductivity

Hastelloy C-276 is definitely better in resistance towards high temperature, corrosion resistance than compared to Monel 400.

Monel alloys melting point is around 2460 °F, while hastelloy is slightly on the higher side at 2550 °F.

Test certificate to ensure properties & quality of Monel and Hastelloy material.

Which test documents are required to ensure the properties & quality of the Monel & Hastelloy material?

  • Chemical Composition Analysis
  • Mechanical Testing
  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Heat Treatment
  • Corrosion Testing

These all testing results will be mentioned in the Material Test Certificate (MTC) of the material or it can be separately tested as per client’s requirement.

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