Cobalt Based Super Alloy Price

Cobalt Based Super Alloy Price In India

Aesteiron Steels Pvt Ltd, are cobalt based super alloy supplier.
Cobalt Alloy provides a high degree of resistance to corrosion and wear resistant & this characteristics makes it invaluable for many industries. It losses its magnetic properties at 1.115°C & just like titanium, it is useful in medical orthopedic implants that can last for a very long time. This can also be alloyed with 95% platinum to create pieces of jewelry, which means its appropriate for fine casting.

Cobalt Based super Alloy Price List

Alloy Name Trade Name UNS No American Specs German Specs French Specs Prices
Alloy 25 Tubing Haynes 25 Tubing UNS R30605 AMS 5537 Sheet 80$ per kg
UNS W73605 AMS 5759 Bar & Rod
AMS 5796 Welding Wire
AMS 5797 Covered welding rod
Alloy 188 Tubing Haynes 188 Tubing UNS R30188 AMS 5608 Sheet, Strip & Plate 120$ per kg
AMS 5801 Welding Wire
Alloy 230 Tubing Haynes 230 Tubing UNS N06230 AMS 5878 Sheet, Strip and Plate DIN 17744 no. 2.4733 NiCr22W14Mo 120$ per kg
AMS 5891 Bar and Forgings
Alloy MP159 Tubing UNS R30159 AMS 5841 Bar 25$ per kg
AMS 5845 Bar
AMS 5843 Bar
Alloy MP35N Tubing UNS R30035 AMS 5844 VIM VAR Bar 30$ per kg
AMS 5845 VIM VAR Bar
AMS 5758 VIM VAR Bar
Multimet N155 Tubing UNS R30155 AMS 5532 Sheet, Plate and Strip 125$ per kg
AMS 5769 Bars, Rings and Forgings
AMS 5794 Welding Wire
AMS 5795 Coated Electrodes
Waspaloy Tubing UNS N07001 AMS 5544 Sheet, Strip and Plate WS 2.4654 80$ per kg
AMS 5586 Welded Tube
AMS 5828 Welded Wire
AMS 5704 Bar and Forgings
AMS 5706 Bar and Forgings
AMS 5707 Bar and Forgings
AMS 5708 Bar and Forgings
AMS 5709 Bar and Forgings
Alloy R41 Tubing Rene 41 Tubing UNS N07041 AMS 5545 Sheet, Strip and Plate 90$ per kg
Udimet Alloy R41 Tubing AMS 5712 Bars and Forgings
AMS 5713 Bars and Forgings
AMS 5800 Welding Wire
Cobalt Alloy 6b Tubing Stellite 6b Tubing UNS R30016 AMS 5894 Bar, Sheet, Plate 60$ per kg


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