BS 6323 Part 5 Specification

Table of contents BS 6323 part 5 specification BS 6323 Grade CFS 5 Tube Standard length tolerances BS 6323 part 5 Chemical Composition Mechanical Properties of BS 6323-5 EN 1.0408 Equivalent Grade Diameter Tolerance of St 45 ERW Pipes BS 6323-5 Tube Material Testing Application of BS 6323 Part V ERW Tubes BS 6323 part … Read more

18-8 Stainless Steel Properties

Existence of non-magnetic properties means that it doesn’t attract magnetic material and this gives several benefits. These properties are primarily beneficial for the applications where magnetic hindrance could affect the performance of precision equipment such as in aerospace technology, and medical tools, etc. But it can become a little magnetic when it gets cold worked. … Read more

STKM13C material properties

It is a carbon steel material which is known for strength and versatility for use in different applications. It displays excellent weldability properties which makes it appropriate for manufacturing processes such as welding, bending and forming it into different shapes without losing its structural strength. Altogether it is reliable to use and therefore it is … Read more

Stainless Steel 316 Density

Here, the density value in Metric and English denotes the mass per unit volume of Stainless Steel 316 material. In metric units where 8 g/cc is the value, which means that one cubic centimetre of SS 316 mass is 8 grams. Whereas in English units, 0.290 lb/in³ is the value, which means that one cubic … Read more

Stainless Steel 304 density

In general terms, density refers to the ratio of something within a designated area. And on scientific way, it is defined as mass per unit volume. Denote algebraically in the formula as such, p=m/V, where, density (p) equals to mass (m) divided by volume (V). Table of contents Stainless steel 304 density AISI 304 chemical … Read more

EN8 Chemical Composition

The chemical composition of EN8 is important because it controls it properties, for example the strength, hardness, toughness and weldability of it will totally depend upon the ratio and elements of its chemical composition. Table of contents EN8 chemical composition EN8 steel mechanical properties EN8 material equivalent 080M40 steel Hardness EN8 Vs EN9 Steel Carbon … Read more

EN1A Steel chemical composition

This composition has various benefits some of it are excellent machinability and ductility which makes it perfect for high-speed machining and complex element manufacturing. Its composition altogether makes it suitable for accurate engineering parts. Hence it will be highly suitable for engineering applications. Table of contents EN1A Steel chemical composition EN1A mechanical properties EN1A material … Read more

SPFH590 Chemical Composition

Above given chemical composition of SPFH590 are the main elements available in it given with percentages. And the elements influence its mechanical properties. It is important to stick to specific composition standards for quality and performance surety otherwise it will not give you the desired feature or properties. Table of contents SPFH590 chemical composition SPFH … Read more

SCM415 Equivalent Material

SCM415 is the JIS standard used in Japan. It is a low-alloy chromium-molybdenum steel. The above given are the equivalent material in various standards and regions. Table of contents SCM415 chromoly chemical composition SCM415 Steel Mechanical Properties SCM415 Equivalent Material Steel SCM415 Physical Properties SCM415 Alloy steel Annealing Acero SCM415 Hardening SCM415 Case Harden steel … Read more

SAE 8620 Chemical Composition

Table of contents SAE 8620 chemical composition AISI 8620 Steel Mechanical Properties Equivalent grades and standards of Alloy 8620 UNS G86200 Material hardness Forging temperature of DIN 1.6523 21NiCrMo2 Grade Thermal Properties SNCM220 Pre-heat Temperature Physical properties of 8620 grade steel SAE 8620 steel quality classification AISI 8620 Normalizing & Annealing SAE 8620 Carburizing Difference … Read more