ASTM A691 Pipe

ASTM A691 Pipe

A691 1-1/4CR Cl22 Pipes, A691 Gr91 EFW Steel Pipe manufacturer

ISO Certified ASTM A691 Gr 1 CR EFW Welded Pipe, A691 5cr EFW Pipe, ASTM A691 Alloy Steel EFW Pipe exporter in India

ASTM A691 Pipe is a type of steel pipes that are of 16 inches diameter or above that measure. There are lots of different grades under this standard. These are all electric fusion welded pipes. They have added filler metal in their make and are fabricated from pressure vessel quality plates. Therefore the pipes can be used in in high pressure applications. The grades are named CM-65, 1CR, CMS-75 and so on. The A691 Cl22 Pipes for example belong to the Cl22 grade which is a 1 ¼ CR alloy. The grade 91 of these pipes contains 9% chromium and 1% molybdenum in the composition and is called the A691 Gr91 EFW Steel Pipe. The other grades have their own specifications as well.  The A691 5cr EFW Pipe contains 5% chromium and 0.5% molybdenum in the composition.

These pipes could be used in different applications. The specifications of each grade make the grades applicable for different use cases. Some of these are good for high temperature applications; some are good for high pressure applications. Some of these are used in highly corrosive environments because of their corrosion resistance nature. The ASTM A691 Alloy Steel EFW Pipe can be used in construction and structural applications as well. The making involves normalization and tempering. Some grades are strengthened through quenching and tempering. A few grades could be produced by the mixture of these methods as well. The electric fusion welded Alloy Steel A691 EFW SAW Pipe is stronger due to the welding procedure. They could also be used in heavy welding applications. The A691 Steel Pipe is usually stronger and exhibits different levels of corrosion resistance due to the difference in composition. The ASME SA 691 EFW Line Pipe is one of the commonly used of these types. The prices  of A691 1 1/4 cr Electric Fusion Welding steel pipe can differ depending on the material make, diameter and the production methods.

ASTM A691 Pipe

ASTM A691 Pipe Price

  • Carbon Steel Seamless Pipe
    INR 364/kg

ASTM A691 Pipe Specifications

Available Sizes:
1/2~24,24~80 inch

2mm TO 100mm

Pipe Schedule as per ASME B36.10M or B36.19M:
40, 60, standard wall (STD), extra strong (XS), double extra strong (XXS)

Common grades:
ASTM A691 Gr 11, A691 Gr.91, A691 9cr, A691 5cr, A691m, A691 1 1/4cr Cl22, A691 Cm70, A691 Class 22, A691 Gr.5cr Cl22, A691-91, A691 Grade 2.1/4cr, A691 Class 42, A691 11/4cr Cl22

Pipe End Finish:
Treaded Both Ends, Plain One End, Treaded One End, Beveled One End, Beveled end, Bevel small end, Bevel both ends, Bevel large end, Bevel one end, Plain Both Ends

Heat Treatment:
+A, +SRA, +LC, +N, Q+T

Excellent quality and factory rates

  • ASTM A691 1 4 cr cl22 efw steel pipes
    FOB Price US $500 - 700/Ton
  • ASTM A691 Gr.1.25 CR/CL SAW Pipes
    FOB Price US $450 - 550/Ton
  • ASTM A691 1 1/4 cr cl22 efw Electric Fusion pipes
    FOB Price US $400 - 850/Ton
  • 609.6 x 24.61mm ASTM A691 GR.5CR CL 22 Welded
    FOB Price US $800 - 1,200/Ton
  • ANSI B36.10 ASTM A691 cl22 Bevelled Ends efw pipes
    FOB Price US $800 - 1,200/Ton
  • ASTM A691 gr.5 cr/ cl22 welded pipes
    FOB Price US $640 - 680/Ton
  • ASTM A691 2 -1/4Cr Cl22 PIPES
    FOB Price US $600 - 800/Ton
  • SCH40 ASTM A691 welded steel pipes
    FOB Price US $700 - 780/Ton
  • Alloy Steel ASTM A691 1 1/4 cr cl22 pipes
    FOB Price US $610/Tons
  • ASTM A691 LSAW 3PE Coating Welded Pipes
    FOB Price US $300 - 600/Ton
  • CL22 A691 91 1000NB Straight pipes
    FOB Price US $480 - 650/Ton
  • ASTM A691 1 1/4 cr cl22 efw alloy steel pipes
    FOB Price US $500 - 580/Ton

A691 Pipes Grade wise Hardness Chart

A691 Grade
Hardness, max
CM-65 201
CM-70 201
CM-75 201
CMS-75 -
1/2 CR 201
1 CR 201
1 1/4 CR 201
2 1/4 CR 201
3 CR 201
5 CR 225
9 CR 241
91 241

ASTM A691 / A691M Alloy Steel EFW Pipe

A691M-18A, A691 5Cr, GRADE 1 1/4 CR Alloy Steel Pipes

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