ASTM A335 P22 Pipe

ASTM A335 P22 Pipe

SA 335 P22 Seamless Pipe, A335 Gr P22 Chrome Pipe manufacturer

High versatility ASTM A335 P22 welded pipe. A335P22 pipe material, SCH40 ASTM A335 P22 Seamless Pipe at factory price

ASTM A335 P22 Seamless Pipe could be used in forming operations without cracking. Bending, forging, flanging and fusion welding could be applied on this pipe. It has very high tensile strength, corrosion resistance and yield strength as well. The ASME SA 335 Grade P22 Alloy Steel Pipes could withstand high pressures and temperatures. Therefore the ASTM A335 P22 Pipe is used in applications that need to operate under high pressure and temperature. The A335 P22 Chrome Pipe has chromium in its composition which provides the high corrosion resistant properties. Also there are other elements present in the P22 steel pipe material composition. Molybdenum is a usual addition in all A335 grades. Manganese, phosphorus, silicon and carbon are added in different quantities according to the grade.

These are produced under fully annealed, isothermal annealed and normalized and tempered conditions. Since these are cold drawn, these are seamless pipes. The ASTM A335 gr P22 seamless pipe is easy to install as the dimensions are very accurate. It could be used with other a335 gr P22 alloy pipe types and fittings. The SA 335 gr P22 alloy steel pipe is highly resistant to temperature and has low thermal expansion rate. This property of the P22 metal pipe material makes it suitable for oil and gas industries, power industries, petrochemical industries and refineries where the temperatures often go high and fluctuate. The sa335 P22 seamless pipe dimensions make it suitable for welded use with pipe fittings without leakages. In high temperature and high pressure systems the pipe joints and connections are prone to cracking and leak. Since the seamless pipes have precise dimensions, these could be used with the fittings and welded for sealing of any connections. The ASTM A335 grade P22 welded pipe is a common case in many applications.

ASTM A335 P22 Pipe

ASTM A335 P22 Pipe Price

  • Alloy Steel ASTM A335 P22 Chrome Pipe
    FOB Price US $500 - 700/Ton

ASTM A335 P22 Pipe Specifications

ASME SA 335 Grade P22 Alloy Steel Pipes, P22 steel pipe material Distributor, ASTM A335 gr P22 seamless pipe, A335 gr P22 alloy pipe in many sizes

Size range (Seamless and welded):
1/2~24, 24~80 inch

2mm TO 100mm

Suitable Pipes connection material:
A234 WP22

Schedule of P22 Pipes:
40, 60, standard wall (STD), extra strong (XS), double extra strong (XXS)

Pipe End Finishing:
Beveled end, Bevel both ends, Bevel small end, Bevel large end, Plain One End, Bevel one end, Beveled One End, Treaded One End, Plain Both Ends, Treaded Both Ends

P22 Pipe equivalent chart

ASTM International BSi - British Standards institute Material
A335 Gr. P22 3604/622 2 1/4% Chrome 1% Moly

India's one of the largest manufacturer, offers wide selection of

  • Sch80 XS Sch160 XXS ASTM A335 P22 Pipes in Seamless and Welded
    FOB Price US $10 - 50 / Kilogram
  • SA335 P22 Pipe and alloy steel boiler pipes tubes
    FOB Price US $600 - 1,000/Ton
  • ASTM A335 Alloy Steel P22 Chrome Pipes
    FOB Price US $500 - 700/Ton
  • 3 1/2" ASTM A335 P22 Seamless Pipes
    FOB Price US $10 - 1,000 / Unit
  • 12 INCH SCH160 ASTM SA335 Gr P22 Chrome Moly Pipes
    FOB Price US $3,000 - 3,500/Ton
  • ASTM A335/ASME SA335 Grade P22 Alloy Steel chrome moly Pipes
    FOB Price US $656 - 969/Ton
  • High pressure ASTM SA335 Grade P22 Welded Pipes
    FOB Price US $1,000 - 3,000/Tons
  • 2" ASME B36.10 SCH80 ASTM A335 P22 beveled ends seamless pipes
    FOB Price US $550 - 1,000/Ton
  • P22 ASTM A335 Chrome Moly Pipes
    FOB Price US $115 - 120/Tons
  • Schedule 40/60 ASTM A335 GR P22 Alloy Seamless Steel Pipes
    FOB Price US $400 - 500/Ton

Alloy Steel ASTM A335 P22 Pipe material

A335/SA335 Gr. P22 Alloy Steel Seamless Pipes