ASTM A335 P11 Pipe

ASTM A335 P11 Pipe

SA 335 P11 Seamless Pipe, A335 Gr P11 Chrome Pipe manufacturer

IBR certified P11 alloy steel welded pipe. ASTM A335 P11 Seamless Pipe, A335 Gr P11 Chrome Pipe suppliers in India.

ASTM A335 P11 Seamless Pipe is used in the production of transmission components in the automobile industry. Since the pipe is stronger, harder and has good performance under high temperature, this is also used mostly in oil and gas industries. The ASME SA 335 Grade P11 Alloy Steel Pipes could be made through fully annealed or isothermal annealed conditions. The normalized and tempered conditions are also available. The ASTM A335 P11 Pipe is available in various sizes, standards, schedules and pressure classes. The sizes range from 1/2NB to 36NB. The deviation in wall thickness depends on the cold rolled or cold rolled methods.

The A335 P11 Chrome Pipe is made up of a chromium molybdenum alloy. The p11 steel pipe material contains other elements such as manganese and carbon in select quantities as well. The ASTM A335 gr p11 seamless pipe has less absolute roughness which is an important factor in highly sensitive applications. Since the friction on the inner surface is less, the resistance is less and also it avoid fluctuations in pressure and deformations under high temperature. These features make the A335 gr p11 alloy pipe to be used in high temperature and pressure applications. The SA 335 gr p11 alloy steel pipe is used mainly in the oil and gas industry, petrochemical industries and power generation industries. The p11 metal pipe material has high tensile strength, anticorrosive properties and high yield strength. It is stronger and harder. The drawn nature of the sa335 p11 seamless pipe makes it easy to be fixed with other pipes and fittings on the system. In need of welding in applications, the ASTM A335 grade p11 welded pipe could be used. The A335 pipes can be used interchangeably where the application requirements are not too specific.

ASTM A335 P11 Pipe Specifications

Size Range
(in mm)
Sch. & Swg. Specification
ASTM A335 P11 Seamless Pipe 15 NB
300 NB
Sch. 40s
Sch. XXs
(heavier on request)
ASTM A 335, ASME SA 335

1/2~24,24~80 inch

2mm TO 100mm

Suitable Pipe Fittings material:
A234 WP5

Pipe Sch.:
SCH20, SCH40, SCH60, STD, extra strong, XXS- double extra strong

Pipe Ends:
Bevel both ends, Beveled end, Bevel large end, Bevel small end, Bevel one end, Plain One End, Treaded One End, Beveled One End, Treaded Both Ends, Plain Both Ends

P11 Pipe Standard:
ASTM/ ASME - EN - DIN - NF A - GB 5310 - GOST - JIS - BS -UNI - ISO

SA335 p11 Surface Coating:
3LPE, 3LPP, Bare, Oiled, Mill Varnish, FBE Dual, Galv, FBE, Concrete Coating, Coal Tar and Tape Wrap.

P11 steel Pipe Ends:
Beveled, Threaded, Square Cut & Coupled.

P11 Pipe material

ASTM A335 P11 Alloy Steel Seamless Pipe
SA335 P11 Alloy Steel Welded Pipes

A335 P11 equivalent material

Trade Name 

ASTM A335 Grade



Forged / Bored Pipe *

1 1/4 Chrome 



A335 / SA335

A369 / SA369

2 1/4 Chrome 



A335 / SA335

A369 / SA369

5 Chrome 



A335 / SA335

A369 / SA369

9 Chrome 



A335 / SA335

A369 / SA369




A335 / SA335

A369 / SA369




A335 / SA335

A369 / SA369

ASTM A335 P11 equivalent

ASTM International BSi - British Standards institute Material
A335 Gr. P11 3604/621 1 1/4% Chrome 1/2% Moly

ASTM A335 P11 Ferritic Alloy-Steel Pipes Price List

Large Inventory, standard and custom sizes P11 seamless pipes available for high temperature.

Schedule 40 ASTM A335 P11 Alloy Steel Pipe
FOB Price US $1,036 - 2,160/Ton
ASTM A335 Gr P11 Seamless Pipe
FOB Price US $470 - 600/Ton
Alloy Steel A335 P11 Erw and seamless steel Pipe
FOB Price US $500 - 1,000/Ton
Schedule 40 A335 Grade P11 Alloy Pipe
FOB Price US $1.20 / Kilogram
ASTM A335 Alloy Steel P11 Seamless Pipe
FOB Price US $500 - 700/Ton
ASTM A335 Gr. P11 Low Alloy Steel Pipe
FOB Price US $522 - 600/Metric Ton
Schedule 20/ 40 ASTM A335 P11 Welded Pipe
FOB Price US $400 - 500/Ton
Hot Rolled 6 Inch ASTM A335 P11 Material for Boiler
FOB Price US $900 - 1,800/Ton

SA 335 Gr P11 Alloy Steel Seamless Pipes Mechanical Strength

Tensile Strength, MPa Yield Strength, MPa Elongation, %
415 min 205 min 30 min

ASTM A335 P11 chemical composition

ASTM A335 Gr. UNS designation Mn C≤ P≤ Si≤ S≤ Cr Mo
P1 K11522 0.30~0.80 0.10~0.20 0.025 0.10~0.50 0.025 0.44~0.65
P2 K11547 0.30~0.61 0.10~0.20 0.025 0.10~0.30 0.025 0.50~0.81 0.44~0.65
P5 K41545 0.30~0.60 0.15 0.025 0.50 0.025 4.00~6.00 0.44~0.65
P5b K51545 0.30~0.60 0.15 0.025 1.00~2.00 0.025 4.00~6.00 0.44~0.65
P5c K41245 0.30~0.60 0.12 0.025 0.50 0.025 4.00~6.00 0.44~0.65
P9 S50400 0.30~0.60 0.15 0.025 0.50~1.00 0.025 8.00~10.00 0.44~0.65
P11 K11597 0.30~0.61 0.05~0.15 0.025 0.50~1.00 0.025 1.00~1.50 0.44~0.65
P12 K11562 0.30~0.60 0.05~0.15 0.025 0.50 0.025 0.80~1.25 0.44~0.65
P15 K11578 0.30~0.60 0.05~0.15 0.025 1.15~1.65 0.025 0.44~0.65
P21 K31545 0.30~0.60 0.05~0.15 0.025 0.50 0.025 2.65~3.35 0.80~1.60
P22 K21590 0.30~0.60 0.05~0.15 0.025 0.50 0.025 1.90~2.60 0.87~1.13
P91 K91560 0.30~0.60 0.08~0.12 0.020 0.20~0.50 0.010 8.00~9.50 0.85~1.05
P92 K92460 0.30~0.60 0.07~0.13 0.020 0.50 0.010 8.50~9.50 0.30~0.60

Other relevant P11 Alloy Steel Pipes

  • DIN 17175 Seamless Pipe and Tube of Heat-resistant Steels
    15Mo3; 13CrMo44; 10CrMo910
  • EN 10216-2 Seamless tube for pressure purposes Part 2: Non-alloy and alloy steel tubes with specified elevated temperature properties
    16Mo3; 13CrMo4-5; 10CrMo9-10; 11CrMo9-10; X10CrMoVNb9-1
  • Hot-worked GOST 8732-78 Alloy Steel Seamless Pipes
    20Ch; 40Ch; 15ChM; 30ChMA
  • Cold-formed GOST 8734-75 Seamless steel pipes
    20Ch; 40Ch; 15ChM
  • GOST 550-75 Seamless steel tubes mainly used in petrochemical industry for petroleum processing
    12ChM; 15Ch5M
  • TU 14-3R-55-2001 Seamless boiler steel pipes
    12Ch1MF; 12Ch1MF-PV; 15ChM
  • TU 14-3-460-2003 Seamless boiler steel tubes
    12Ch1MF; 12Ch1MF-PV; 15ChM
  • Precision steel GOST 9567-75 pipes
    20Ch; 15ChM
  • Common Alloy Steel material grades:
    DIN standard carbon & alloy steel tubes TC2/16Mo3/13CrMo4-5/10CrMo9-10/X20 CrMoV11-1 , St37.0/st52.0/DIN 2391/st35.8/TT St 35N/15Mo3/13CrMo44, EN Standard (EN10216-2),
    P235GH TC1 & 10 CrMo910/X20 CrMoV 12 1/X10 CrMo VNb 9 1/15 Ni CuMoNb 5 , X10 CrMoVNb9-1

Alloy Steel P11 Chrome Moly Pipes

ASTM A335 Alloy Steel P11 Seamless Pipes