ASTM A182 F310 Flanges

ASTM A182 F310 Stainless Steel Flanges

SA 182 Grade F310 Slip On and Blind Flanges manufacturer in India

A182 F310 specification covers forged low alloy and stainless steel piping components for use in pressure systems. It is a medium carbon austenitic stainless steel which is for high temperature applications such as furnace parts and heat treatment equipment. It is used in a continuous service at the temperatures up to 1150°C, and 1035°C in intermittent service.

SA 182 F310 contains 25% chromium and 20% nickel which make it highly resistant to oxidation and corrosion. Its high chromium and medium nickel content makes it capable for applications in reducing sulphur atmospheres containing H2S. It is extensively used in moderately carburising atmospheres, as it comes across in petrochemical environments. ASTM A182 F310 is used in an application of food processing equipment, fluidised bed combustors, kilns, radiant tubes, lead pots, tube hangers for steam boilers and petroleum refining, internal components of coal gasifier, thermowells, burners and combustion chambers, refractory anchor bolts, retorts, muffles, annealing covers, saggers, cryogenic structures. Stainless Steel 310 Flanges is a forged or cast ring of steel which is designed to connect mechanically sections of pipe or join pipe to a pump, pressure vessel, valve or any other piece of instruments. It can be welded by matching electrodes and filler metals.

Alloy 310 Flanges requires preheat and post heat are not required, but for corrosion service in liquids full post weld solution annealing treatment is required. It has good oxidation resistance in intermittent service in air up to 1035°C and 1050°C in continuous service. It is oxidation, sulphidation and carburization resistant.

Buy A182 Grade F310 material at factory price in India as per ASME B16.5 and B16.47 Series b

A182 F310 Flanges specification

Looking for custom sizes in 310 Stainless Steel Flanges? Manufacturer of A182 F310 Weld Neck and socket weld flanges as per customer drawing in all pressure ratings

Size range 1/2" (15 NB) - 48 Inch (1200NB) DN10~DN5000
ASTM/ ASME Specification ASTM A182 F310 / ASME SA182 F310
Other Standards ANSI/ ASME B16.5, B16.48, B16.47 Series A & B, BS4504, BS 10, EN-1092 -1/2, DIN, ANSI, ASME, BS, DIN, EN, GOST.
Pressure class Class 150, 300 #, 600 LBS, 900 LBS, 1500 LBS, 2500 LBS
Manufacturer of Plate/ Forged / Threaded / Screwed
Other supporting material Ring Joint, Gasket, SS Flanges Bolts
Most common types of ASTM A182 Gr F310 Flanges
  • Weld Neck Ring Flange (WNRF), A182 Gr F310
  • Slip-On Ring Flanges (SORF), Stainless Steel 310
  • Blind Ring Flanges (BLRF), ASTM A182 Type 310
  • Socket Weld Ring Flanges (SWRF), F310H
  • Threaded Ring Flange, 310 SS
  • Lap Joint Ring Flanges (LJRF), 310 Stainless Steel
  • Ring Type Joint Flanges (RTJF), ASTM A182 F310
Face Type Raised Face (RF), Flat Face (FF), Large Male-Female (LMF), Ring Type Joint (RTJ), Lap-Joint Face (LJF), Small Tongue, Large Tongue & Groove, Small Male-Female (SMF), and Groove
Material Origin India/ Korea / West Europe / Japan / USA
Test Certificates EN 10204/3.1B
Raw Materials Certificate
100% Radiography Test Report for all flanges
Third Party Inspection Report, etc
We supply to Ireland, Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Canada, USA, Malaysia, Brazil, Thailand, Iran, India, Egypt, Oman, Dubai, Peru, etc
Material Test Certificates (MTC) as per EN 10204 3.1 and 10204 3.2, NACE MR0103, NACE MR0175

ASTM A182 F310 Flanges Price List

Wide range of American AISI, German DIN and Japanese JIS Stainless Steel 310 Flanges in all types

    Unit per nos Unit per nos Unit per nos Unit per nos Unit per nos Unit per nos
A182 F310 BLIND RAISED FACE 1/2"NB X 150 CLASS US$ 14 INR 980.00 Malaysia Ringgit56.98 Euro 11.76 Singapore Dollar 18.76 Saudi Riyal 52.50
A182 F310 BLIND RAISED FACE 3/4"NB X 150 CLASS US$ 14.60 INR 1022.00 Malaysia Ringgit59.42 Euro 12.26 Singapore Dollar 19.56 Saudi Riyal 54.75
A182 F310 BLIND RAISED FACE 1"NB X 150 CLASS US$ 16.00 INR 1120.00 Malaysia Ringgit65.12 Euro 13.44 Singapore Dollar 21.44 Saudi Riyal 60.00
A182 F310 BLIND RAISED FACE 1.1/4"NB X 150 CLASS US$ 24 INR 1680.00 Malaysia Ringgit97.68 Euro 20.16 Singapore Dollar 32.16 Saudi Riyal 90.00
A182 F310 BLIND RAISED FACE 1.1/2"NB X 150 CLASS US$ 32 INR 2240.00 Malaysia Ringgit130.24 Euro 26.88 Singapore Dollar 42.88 Saudi Riyal 120.00
A182 F310 BLIND RAISED FACE 2"NB X 150 CLASS US$ 36.5 INR 2555.00 Malaysia Ringgit148.56 Euro 30.66 Singapore Dollar 48.91 Saudi Riyal 136.88
A182 F310 BLIND RAISED FACE 2.1/2"NB X 150 CLASS US$ 52.5 INR 3675.00 Malaysia Ringgit213.68 Euro 44.10 Singapore Dollar 70.35 Saudi Riyal 196.88
A182 F310 BLIND RAISED FACE 3"NB X 150 CLASS US$ 70.5 INR 4935.00 Malaysia Ringgit286.94 Euro 59.22 Singapore Dollar 94.47 Saudi Riyal 264.38
A182 F310 BLIND RAISED FACE 4"NB X 150 CLASS US$ 132.5 INR 9275.00 Malaysia Ringgit539.28 Euro 111.30 Singapore Dollar 177.55 Saudi Riyal 496.88
A182 F310 BLIND RAISED FACE 5"NB X 150 CLASS US$ 156.8 INR 10976.00 Malaysia Ringgit638.18 Euro 131.71 Singapore Dollar 210.11 Saudi Riyal 588.00
A182 F310 BLIND RAISED FACE 6"NB X 150 CLASS US$ 205.8 INR 14406.00 Malaysia Ringgit837.61 Euro 172.87 Singapore Dollar 275.77 Saudi Riyal 771.75
A182 F310 BLIND RAISED FACE 8"NB X 150 CLASS US$ 352 INR 24640.00 Malaysia Ringgit1432.64 Euro 295.68 Singapore Dollar 471.68 Saudi Riyal 1320.00
A182 F310 BLIND RAISED FACE 10"NB X 150 CLASS US$ 548 INR 38360.00 Malaysia Ringgit2230.36 Euro 460.32 Singapore Dollar 734.32 Saudi Riyal 2055.00
A182 310 WELD NECK RAISED FACE 1/2"NB X 150# STD US$ 7.5 INR 525.00 Malaysia Ringgit30.53 Euro 6.30 Singapore Dollar 10.05 Saudi Riyal 28.13
A182 310 WELD NECK RAISED FACE 3/4"NB X 150# STD US$ 12.00 INR 840.00 Malaysia Ringgit48.84 Euro 10.08 Singapore Dollar 16.08 Saudi Riyal 45.00
A182 310 WELD NECK RAISED FACE 1"NB X 150# STD US$ 17.00 INR 1190.00 Malaysia Ringgit69.19 Euro 14.28 Singapore Dollar 22.78 Saudi Riyal 63.75
A182 310 WELD NECK RAISED FACE 1.1/4"NB X 150# STD US$ 21 INR 1470.00 Malaysia Ringgit85.47 Euro 17.64 Singapore Dollar 28.14 Saudi Riyal 78.75
A182 310 WELD NECK RAISED FACE 1.1/2"NB X 150# STD US$ 26.7 INR 1869.00 Malaysia Ringgit108.67 Euro 22.43 Singapore Dollar 35.78 Saudi Riyal 100.13
A182 310 WELD NECK RAISED FACE 2"NB X 150# STD US$ 40 INR 2800.00 Malaysia Ringgit162.80 Euro 33.60 Singapore Dollar 53.60 Saudi Riyal 150.00
A182 310 WELD NECK RAISED FACE 2.1/2"NB X 150# STD US$ 67 INR 4690.00 Malaysia Ringgit272.69 Euro 56.28 Singapore Dollar 89.78 Saudi Riyal 251.25
A182 310 WELD NECK RAISED FACE 3"NB X 150# STD US$ 78.6 INR 5502.00 Malaysia Ringgit319.90 Euro 66.02 Singapore Dollar 105.32 Saudi Riyal 294.75
A182 310 WELD NECK RAISED FACE 4"NB X 150# STD US$ 122 INR 8540.00 Malaysia Ringgit496.54 Euro 102.48 Singapore Dollar 163.48 Saudi Riyal 457.50
A182 310 WELD NECK RAISED FACE 5"NB X 150# STD US$ 154.2 INR 10794.00 Malaysia Ringgit627.59 Euro 129.53 Singapore Dollar 206.63 Saudi Riyal 578.25
A182 310 WELD NECK RAISED FACE 6"NB X 150# STD US$ 190 INR 13300.00 Malaysia Ringgit773.30 Euro 159.60 Singapore Dollar 254.60 Saudi Riyal 712.50
A182 310 WELD NECK RAISED FACE 8"NB X 150# STD US$ 315 INR 22050.00 Malaysia Ringgit1282.05 Euro 264.60 Singapore Dollar 422.10 Saudi Riyal 1181.25
A182 310 WELD NECK RAISED FACE 10"NB X 150# STD US$ 425 INR 29750.00 Malaysia Ringgit1729.75 Euro 357.00 Singapore Dollar 569.50 Saudi Riyal 1593.75

SA 182 F310 equivalent

Manufacturer and supplier of ASTM A182 Gr F310 Lap Joint Flanges in UNS S31000/ DIN 1.4841 specifications

Stainless Steel SS 310
AISI 310
UNS S31000
Werkstoff Nr. 1.4841

Stainless Steel 310 Flanges Chemical Composition

Ni 19 – 22
Cr 24 – 26
C 0.25 max
Fe Balance
Mn 2 max
Si 1.50 max
S 0.03 max
P 0.045 max

Alloy 310 Flanges Physical & Mechanical Properties

Density 8.0 g/cm3
Melting Point 1454 °C (2650 °F)
Tensile Strength Psi – 75000 , MPa – 515
Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Psi – 30000 , MPa – 205
Elongation 35 %

Types of 310 Stainless Steel Flanges

  • ASTM A182 F310 Blind Flanges
  • ASTM A182 F310 Spectacle Blinds
  • ASTM A182 F310 High Hub Blinds
  • ASTM A182 F310 Orifice Flanges
  • ASTM A182 F310 Slip-on Flanges
  • ASTM A182 F310 Socket Weld Flanges
  • ASTM A182 F310 Weld Neck Flanges
  • ASTM A182 F310 Flat Flanges
  • ASTM A182 F310 Loose Flanges
  • ASTM A182 F310 Threaded Flanges
  • ASTM A182 F310 Lap Joint Flanges
  • ASTM A182 F310 Reducing Threaded
  • ASTM A182 F310 Weld Neck Flanges Series A or B
  • ASTM A182 F310 Square Flanges
  • ASTM A182 F310 Groove & Tongue Flanges

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