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AL-6XN plate
UNS N08367 hot rolled plate
AL-6XN material

Aesteiron Steels LLP is AL-6XN plate supplier. It is available in various sizes and specification. It is manufacture by using high quality raw material.

Al-6XN alloy plate is corrosion resistant iron base austenitic stainless steel alloy. It is design for a seawater resistant and has been demonstrated to be resistant to wide range of very corrosive condition. It is easily available from stock in a wide range of product forms including thickness plate which is suitable for multi-pass welding during field fabrication.

ASTM & ASME specifications for AL-6XN (UNS N08367) Alloy Products

ASTM & ASME specifications for AL-6XN (UNS N08367) Alloy Products

AL-6XN Chemical Composition

AL-6XN Chemical Composition

AL-6XN Plate Sizes

AL-6XN Plate Sizes

The high strength and corrosion resistance of it is a better choice than standard duplex stainless steels. It is cost effective alternative to more expensive nickel-base alloys in applications where excellent weldability, formability, strength and corrosion resistance are vital. It is also to less expensive alloys such as stainless steel 316 that does not has the strength or corrosion resistance require to minimize life cycle costs in particular applications.

The high nickel and molybdenum element offers improved chloride stress-corrosion cracking resistance. Copper has been purposely kept to a residual level for improved performance in seawater. The high alloy composition of it resists crevice corrosion and pitting in oxidizing chloride solutions to a degree previously received only by nickel-base alloys and titanium.

It is well suited for such applications as given below

  • Chemical process tanks and pipelines
  • Condensers, heat exchangers and piping containing crude oil or seawater
  • Desalination tools and pumps
  • Filter washers, vats and press rolls in pulp bleaching plants
  • Equipment for food processing
  • Processing systems for offshore oil and gas platforms
  • Equipment for pharmaceutical

UNS N08367 material advantages

Corrosion resistance

The inherent corrosion resistance of it both in acidic and alkaline condition offers safety against metallic contamination of process streams and stops quick degradation of elements made of the alloy.

Cost effectiveness

It is alternative to nonmetallic materials which can offer high levels of corrosion resistance but are expensive to install and maintain. But remarkably it is less costly compared to most nickel-base alloys.


Its ductility and toughness provide for relative ease of fabrication in the field. The formability and weldability are much better compared to that of high alloy ferritic or duplex stainless steels that exhibits comparable corrosion resistance.

Welded Properties

The low carbon and high nitrogen element decreases the precipitation of carbides and secondary phase which may can take place while welding. Therefore as-welded assemblies can be place in service, provided that suitable over-match filler metal is used and the assembly has been properly clean. It can be welded by field using method similar to those utilize with other austenitic stainless steels.

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