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About Us

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Our services and product ranges have allowed us to reach more customers in country and overseas as well. One of our specialties is in producing the heavy wall seamless pipe types. While some suppliers might not be able to give you customized out of proportion pipe sizes with heavy wall thickness, we take custom orders and manufacture large scale pipes as well. We are experts in welded and seamless steel pipe products. We are also one of the largest sotockists for the hot finished pipe types. Our inventory includes a number of high end products with competitive prices optimized for our customer base. Our range of cold drawn pipe products is second to none. You can call us or contact through our website with any kind of inquiry related to metallic products. We are happy to serve our customers at best.

About Us

Who we are?

We are one of the best manufacturers and exporter of steel pipes & tubes in India. We collaborate with Seamless steel pipe manufacturer in South Korea and other countries. Our identity as one of the best seamless steel pipe manufacturers in India is an authenticity for us and our association with the Korean pipe manufacturers gives us to produce and sell various metallic products such as the seamless pipe, seamless tube and other metallic products.

We sell seamless steel tubes of all types and shapes. Our customers can place orders for any kind of cold drawn seamless pipe or hot rolled pipes. We offer different customizations in seamless mechanical tubing for our customers. Our cold drawn steel tube products are of high quality and are reliable. We also sell hot finished seamless tubing for high strength applications. We not only produce smaller pipes for most uses, but we also produce large diameter seamless pipe types in different sizes. We also produce and sell hot rolled seamless steel pipe as well as the cold drawn pipes.

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About Us

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