5052 Aluminum Pipe

5052 Aluminum Pipe

5052-0 Aluminum Pipe, 5052 Aluminum Seamless Pipe suppliers

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5052 Aluminum Pipe is a variation of aluminum alloys that are improvised for better performance. Aluminum is a naturally shiny and corrosion resistant material to many conditions. It is a light weight and electric conductive material. The use of aluminum is limited in some applications due to the reactive nature of aluminum with water and the fragile nature. So there are alloys of aluminum with other elements in the composition to reduce the fragility and reaction with water. The 5052-0 Aluminum Pipe is an aluminum magnesium alloy that is optimized for corrosion resistance. It is a medium strength magnesium alloy. The composition has silicon, iron, copper, manganese and other elements in smaller quantities as well. The 5052 Aluminum Seamless Pipe is made directly from solid material so that there is no welding and the pipe is dimensionally precise.

Various dimensions available for 5052 Aluminum Alloy Hollow Pipes, Aluminum Alloy 5052 Round Pipes, 5052-0 Aluminum Alloy Square Pipes & 5052 Marine Grade Aluminum Rectangular Pipes

The Aluminum 5052 Box Pipe is used in applications that require high strength and need to remain in shape for a long time. The aluminum alloys have long lasting life or longer lifespans. The strength of the pipes differ from application to application, the shape and form of the aluminum pipe used. The 5052-0 Aluminum Welded Pipe is welded from sheets. This increases the strength a bit higher than the ordinary pipes. However, the Aluminum 5052-0 ERW Pipe could only be cold worked to harden it further after production. The heat treatment is not suitable for this type of aluminum alloys. The 5052 Aluminum Alloy Hollow Pipe is the one of the most used pipes as it is the Aluminum Alloy 5052 Round Pipe. There are others such as the box pipe, square pipe, rectangular and hexagonal; there are also hydraulic classes. But the most used in the round one. The 5052-0 Aluminum Alloy Square Pipe is used mostly with structural applications.

5052 Aluminum Pipe

5052 Aluminum Pipe Price

  • 5052 Seamless Aluminum pipes
    FOB Price US $2 - US $8/ Kilogram

5052 Aluminum Pipe Specifications

Hardness: 8 HW
Alloy Or Not: Is Alloy
Temper: T3 - T8
Al (Min): 98%

Grades 6000 Series
Standard Quality Specification ASTM B 211 ASME SB 211 / ASTM B 619 ASME SB 619
Surface Treatment Anodized, Powder Coated, Mill Finished
Ranging in size from 15 - 150" NB IN
Pipe Schedule Chart SCH5, SCH10, SCH40, STD, SCH80, SCH160
Most frequent types Seamless / ERW / Welded / Fabricated
Forms Include Square, Round
Pipe End Type Abbreviations Bevel both ends, Bevel small end, Treaded One End, Beveled end, Bevel one end, Treaded Both Ends, Bevel large end, Plain One End, Beveled One End, Plain Both Ends,
Technique Extruded or seamless

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We stock wide range of Aluminum Alloy 5052-0 Hexagonal Pipes, 5052 Grade Aluminum Schedule 40 Pipes, Aluminum Grade 5052 Custom Pipes & Marine Grade Aluminum 5052 Thick Wall Pipes in Mumbai, India
Aluminum 5052 Square Pipes
FOB Price US $2,615 - US $3,846/ Ton
ASME Polished 5052 Aluminium Pipes
FOB Price US $1 - US $5/ Kilogram
aluminum 5052 H32 pipes
FOB Price US $1,000 - US $4,000/ Metric Ton
Aluminium 5052 Coil Tube/Pipes For Refrigerator
FOB Price US $1 - US $4/ Kilogram
High Performance 5052 Seamless Aluminum pipes/ tube
FOB Price US $2 - US $8/ Kilogram
300mm Large size Seamless Aluminum 5052 Tubes
FOB Price US $7.50 - US $8/ Pieces
18 inch diameter 5052 aluminium pipes
FOB Price US $5.60 / Kilograms
1400mm High Precision 5052 H118 aluminium round pipes
FOB Price US $5.70 - US $6/ Kilogram
5052 aluminium pipes and tube
FOB Price US $2 - US $5/ Kilogram
Large diameter 5052 Aluminum Alloy aluminum pipes
FOB Price US $2,800 - US $3,200/ Ton
Anodized 5052 aluminum seamless pipes
FOB Price US $1 - US $10/ Kilogram
1400mm Thick Wall 5052 H118 aluminium round pipes
FOB Price US $3.80 - US $4.60 / Kilogram

5052 Aluminum Seamless Pipes

Aluminum Alloy Gr 5052-0 Annealed pipes

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